LED Suspension Lights

On the market now are offered extremely low energy consumption lighting systems.

Pendant lighting systems also allow you to further optimize energy consumption, bringing in safety lighting elements precisely where they are actually needed, avoiding waste and poor light distribution, and minimising plant jobs due to the creation of new channels and existing points of light shifts, ensuring a further cost savings and time.

The power supply, chosen on the basis of the power and type of Led lamps to be used, it is installed at your existing light, which can be placed in ceilings and walls.

At this point based on the peculiarities of the environment to be illuminated, the placement of the fixed and mobile furnishings of the desired effects, designing the lighting configuration by choosing the number and type of lighting fixtures.

It is possible with a single general lighting system environment, but one must remember that Led systems are particularly suitable for accent lighting or work plans.

In addition, you can use a power supply designed to separate switches Led elements to create several bright areas within the same environment or different scenarios.

Thanks to the particular characteristics of Led technology, the bulbs can be dimmed, which means that you can vary the intensity of the emitted light and you can get a light cold white, warm white or any color with RGB system.

Album, already famous for its orbits and radial, proposes a more recent Led technology very flexible which includes a LED power supply from which branch off the wires and keep suspended, feeding into Plait luminaries.

The power supply LED 24V albums is available in different forms and powers and may provide a fluorescent light. Inspired by the original light fittings used are small Universe planets, stars, UFOs.

Another example of a very flexible system designed to respond to the specific lighting requirements is the pendant system of Jkarr, where you can combine both bars of different types with length up to 200 cm, small spotlights type devices both in round or square section with aluminium finish list price or paint in the Ral colours.

The emission can be achieved with cold white light, warm white or colored and the outgoing beam can be from very tight (10°) off (45°).

The ability to customize the type of equipment and their distribution is one of the strengths of the lighting design of an environment through this system.