Led Suspension Light

We dare not say that all products proposed on light-Our site are the best design but certainly we have a series that are very good look and can make a great feature. Among them, the ‘planet’ suspension deserves an article that describes its beauty.

This large suspension does not seem to be a ‘lamp’, at least it is very different to the appearance of what we think should be a lamp. All in one

sentence, it is 3 concentric rings hanging from a pavilion by sturdy metal very fine but cables. By adjusting the height of each cable, can be several aesthetic forms for this suspension. As a result, we can ‘customize’ the suspension and make her own style.

At the level of functionality, this full of compliments merit suspension. LED chips are well arranged inside each ring, and are covered by the band of full disclosure in acrylic. Once the lamp is turned on, the interiors of each ring illuminates completely and homogeneous, no words can describe the effect you see at this time. In addition, lighting is strong as well, the suspension is not only dedicated to the decoration. It’s a useful and aesthetic lamp.

In addition, thanks to the good characteristics of the LED, this lamp has a very good efficiency at the level of energy transformation, in other words, to achieve a defined level lighting, this suspension consumes less than other types of lamps. Remember also that the lifetime of an LED is at least 8 times longer than an incandescent bulb via bestcraftblog, thereby there is need to do maintenance.

With such benefits, this suspension is a very good product that deserves your attention. Well, if you are interested, you can see the suspension design planet directly.