Led On The Corsa C Tail Light/Torch Melting With Common Light Bulbs

I searched a lot on the Forum help on this topic, but I couldn’t really find a definitive solution.
I have a Corsa C 2012 Hatch buying from Phonecations, and for some time here I noticed that burned one side of the flashlight.
Dismantled the flashlight and saw that the lamp was burnt and whitish. I switched with another, but it lasted a day and the same thing happened.
I’ve been going over the Forum and saw the hint of putting a 2 LED lamp poles and solve.
There were also other tips to take the “glass” Red Lantern and place a standard bulb with the Red bulb, or do the glass with some plastic material and paint with red varnish and among other things …

Anyway, I bought 1 pair of LED bulbs with LEDs 68 (I didn’t count the LEDs to see if actually had msm rsrsrsr  ) put them there and apparently solved. However, I think the LEDs don’t have a lot of quality because of day I realized not cleared a lot and was kind of dangerous for even stepping on the brake lamps, means “erased”.
This model here:

But I remained with them, until after about 3 months, I realized that they were more off still, and one side sometimes was “fluttering”..
There we go again looking for another pair of lamps in a different model, and found on the open market that in the announcement said to be very strong.
This model here:

I bought a pair of them, and when it came already installed on the car and saw that really were super strong, a red light and quite pretty, but as nothing is flowers …
Installed both and have not tested before closing and mount the lanterns … At the time of testing, called the lanterns and noticed that one side was the same as if you were standing all the time on the brake … Here comes the headache lol
Outside I realized when the key was in the ignition, turn the LEDs were a little lit, minimum thing but were …
I disassembled everything again, I tested the bulbs and one of the lamps was really in trouble and it was always the strongest part on… I tried to reverse the position of them, tried to reverse the position of the thread of the flashlight with the brake to see if it solved and nothing…
I contacted the seller and he sent me another to.. Put it there and guess what? The same problem!

AI spoke to the seller, he asked me several tests and all to no avail. I thought installing a 560 Ohm resistor in the wire that flashlight function, but I was afraid to cut the original wiring of the lamp and have more headaches, off the resistor should heat up a bit by getting all the time …

But here comes the solution, I found an LED lamp from Philips, 2 poles, and red color
Before you buy them, entered into an agreement with the seller of the defective lamps and gave it back to him, and will reimburse me the value…

Let’s Philips lamps, are of this model here:

Paid in the range of $120 on the open market, that the value of the pair. Nearly twice the previous value.
Well, the light bulbs and I install, and this time I was a little smarter and dismantled the 2 lanterns together, put the Philips lamps and was fearful test..
But guess what … Worked Perfectly!!! Lantern light super visible, and the brake lights even better!
Worth every penny in this pair of lamps, the lamps in place and tested again and was swell!
I took the test today during the day to see if they are well visible and really solved my problems!

I hope they last a long time, after all, has 1 year warranty by Philips.

Summary of the whole story, LEDs have to be unfortunately brand, especially if it is for Lantern/brakes.Too bad the value to be as high of LEDs, and an even bigger penalty does not have the variety of templates like have these LEDs…

I had a similar problem with a couple of drops LEDs of this model here:

Lasted 3 months and were “fluttering” and some of the LEDs burned in a short time of use The clarity of them were excellent, very pretty, but practically disposable..

After they decided to put drops of filament with the blue bulb, but I didn’t like the color and clarity …Until I found this pair of dripping on the open market, I just don’t remember the value I paid for them, but they were the best drops I’ve ever bought, it’s been over 3 months are in the car and on the car and none of them presented problems, outside the beautiful color and clarity really hard on him.
White bought them, and was very good in both, and the license plate…
This model here:

Sorry for the big text, but this was my experience with LEDs, I hope you can have helped someone like I also had problems with LED lamps

When you give a bath in his picture post ride to see how he is
Use LED on board, us, the light/brake, and reverse using a pair of LEDs with 120 LEDs of this model here:

It’s been a long time since I got them in reverse and had no problem, it flashes loooong well, and as my car window masking film, night suffered a bit..
This pair should be lasting because it doesn’t stay that long lit the lantern and the dripping equal, because I realized that any LED light bulb that is in the style of these LEDs in SMD without any protection from the outside, not last anything and soon begin to fail…

Cheers to all, and again, sorry the text huge lol