Leather Jackets for Fall

Menswear Continues to Focus on Classic Leather jackets

Especially popular with the men’s leather jacket in this autumn the classic cut of the 1950s. Short leather jackets with stretch cuffs were already a sort of trademark for James Dean and other icons of that time. This design is very popular again in the current season. Of course, no stale style is in demand – whether classic leather jacket a biker or never coming out of fashion pilot interface – having such a men’s leather jacket you are always on the cutting edge. But interesting combinations of materials and colors are now more than ever possible.

Women emphasize best materials

When ladies leather jacket, a trend towards street style can be established, which refers not only to the jacket, but also to other accessories and garments. So a cropped leather jacket is fashionable this fall everywhere and can gladly be combined with warm garments. The quality is the most important factor for a natural material such as leather should only be optimally processed. The lady takes the latest trends in order to be well dressed in the upcoming season.

Why are leather jackets in the fall so popular?

For fall, there is hardly a more suitable garment as a leather jacket. You can also still contribute when it has already become quite cold, but allows the wearer to not sweat unnecessarily if the golden October should not one or the other Sunbeam ready. Breathable materials are in demand more and more often today and leather is a natural alternative to modern synthetic fibers. For autumn weather, it is advisable to impregnate the leather jacket corresponding to be immune against rain.

Artificial aging of leather jackets is trendy

A leather jacket often sees only from especially cool if it already has some traces of use. In outcasts edges or slight discoloration have the support of as an outspoken Lederjackenfan. Now you have the problem with a new jacket that show such signs of wear after years. Leather can also be treated artificially to make it look older. One should, however, carefully check the claims of the material to cause any damage. Smooth leather should always be treated as having fatty care products that give it a certain patina. In suede should however refrain from fatty agents, since they lead to this material likely to spots that do not look cool. But suede can treat themselves to look older-a wire brush or something sandpaper can- carefully applied-leather jacket add final touches.


The leather jacket is hardly indispensable for men and women this fall from the fashion world.Whether colored or classical variations; whether “distressed” or new look – with a high quality leather jacket you are always well dressed and prepared for almost any type of weather.