Learn Why Abandon Thermoses to Serve Coffee

You still use thermoses to serve coffee? Know that, after 20 minutes in store, the coffee you just strain begins to oxidize, IE, comes into contact with oxygen and begins the process of deterioration. Often, the coffee flavor is changed and is bitter or completely unbalanced.

In addition to change the taste of your coffee, it’ll oxidize twice as fast inside the bottle, because the high temperature-about 50°-will speed up the process and cause it to lose its aromas and flavor. As they say the miners, masters of coffee:”past, coffee served.

In this sense, a great ally in maintaining the aroma and taste of coffee is the espresso machine. Continue reading and learn why you must abandon the use of the thermos.

1) Do Not Provide Creaminess

If you like that coffee creamy, with a”collar”on top, forget the electric coffee maker and thermos. That espuminha, known as crema (cream, in Italian) is only possible thanks to the pressure of the water reached the espresso machines .

2) On the Sieve Is Not Better

To be associated with the”Grandma’s coffee”,a lot of people still believe that the coffee in the strainer and stored in thermos is the best. However, this system, most often makes people use coffee powder without much quality, very crisp, very dark and burned–that is how come most of the powders of the shelves of markets.

Imagine that coffee, thermos, aging and getting cold. You don’t want to offer it to their customers and employees, right?

3) Change of Taste

Coffee makers are often made of stainless steel, and, although they have some benefits such as durability, resistance and ease of cleaning, many coffee drinkers experienced feel that the use of stainless steel, either in the cafeteria or in the cups and cups, can affect negatively the taste of the drink.

4) Lack of Hygiene

Comparatively, it’s a lot of work to make coffee using strainers (cloth or paper) and then vacuum flasks than push a few buttons and have a perfect espresso coffee in your Cup.

In addition to being more hygienic, espresso machines or even super automatic machines offer a much better coffee, but not even 10% of the work in time to wash, dry, store etc.

Now that you already know the reasons for abandoning the thermos, wouldn’t it be more practical and economical to hire a serve espresso machine? The coffee is taken on time, without error, without complication, and the best, without any major messes.

Remember that, in addition to the coffeemaker, other factors are very important for your coffee to be the best, as the quality of the water–which must be filtered and the quality of the powder–you need to be always fresh and should never be reused.

Are you ready for change? Then learn why buy a more expensive product may be advantageous !a