Learn How To Use The Day To Day Denim Shirt

Learn How to use denim shirt allows you to create stylish looks for day or night. The men soon fell into the graces of this piece that broke into the fashion and should remain in high summer 2016.

The play stripped won sophisticated airs became must-have for men style. To learn how to bet in this nifty form item, check out Tips simple and functional for you to put into practice today.

Inside Of The Trend

The denim shirt is a very versatile item and democratic. Can be used in a casual program during the day or even in a more social production. A hint is that the more closed, more formal shirt will be the production.

The different shades of the model proposed to please all tastes. Lighter colors contrast well with dark skins, while closed parts can be used by men more pale.

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Time to use denim shirt, you must be aware of the size chosen. Remember that the piece should be aligned with the body-not too tight, not too loose. The shoulder line should follow the seam of the shirt and the buttons may not be very fair closing time the piece because you need mobility.

The sleeves must reach the handle and stay at a width which makes it possible to use a Watch comfortably. Already the length ideal ‘s shirt to the belt buckle.

How To Use 4 Ways Jeans Shirt

  1. Open shirt + tshirt + pants

A supercasual way to use denim shirt is to bet in the play opened, with a clean shirt and jeans.The visual is one of the most popular among the male audience, and can be used in a happy hour with friends or a weekend trip.

  1. Total Jeans

The look “jeans” appeared in recent national and international parades. Combine the denim shirt with a pair of similar color is an option for stylish men. Valley, too, investing in the game of tones, choosing pieces with slightly different washes.

  1. Jersey+Shorts

This is for the welfare of the summer days with a lot of style. The shirt can be used with the Bermuda of tailoring, which arrive in full force at the station. To circumvent the high temperatures, it is worth investing on the sleeves folded and, for a simpler look, leave it open, with a t-shirt underneath.

  1. colorful pants+Shirt

Another combination that became a success among men was the combined denim shirt with colored pants. Parts harmonize well and form a nice visual to work or for a little dinner. Caramel, military green or marsala are the tones that became a fever among male audiences in 2015.

Now that you know how to use denim shirt, there’s no more excuses not to bet on that trend, isn’t it? Leave your comment! And keep an eye on tips from beauty and fashion of Live Healthier.