Learn How To Outline The Face According To The Type Of Face

Makeup tips to look beautiful
When it comes to make-up we must take into account several aspects as not all have the same face contour.
How make our faces according to the type of face that we have?
We all have some imperfections that we want to hide. Often the type of face contour is not a detail that many women take into account. This brings results a makeup that is not suitable for the face of each one of us. Therefore we see the type of ideal makeup for every contour of face.
Then only remains that identify the type of face and that makeup your face on these tips.

Learn how to outline the face according to the type of face
1.-round face.
This type of faces has the form of a perfect circle. They are very sweet faces, mostly.
How we should apply makeup if you have a round face? In this case we will use creams or powders (whatever you prefer) but will darken (one or two darker tones of our skin) around the contours of the face.

It lights up the forehead, nose, and PEAR with a vertical line. Then don’t forget to difumar each of these steps.

2.-triangular face.

These faces have a smaller forehead and a somewhat larger Chin.

In this case we will darken only the sides of the jaw and iluminaremos part of the sides of the front.

3 face elongated

In the case of the elongated faces we darken the PEAR and the upper part of the front. In this way we will be a little visually shortening face elongated format.

4.-face heart

These faces are considered as one of the most beautiful. However, when it comes to makeup also we do some tweaks. Take a shadow or dark makeup and apply it to both sides of the front. Then illuminates the Chin.

5 face oval face

According to experts in makeup, this is one of the most sought after faces. However, it is also important that we know how to make it.

In this case we must illuminate the central part of the front, the upper and lower area of the eyes, nose, and pear. On the other hand we should darken the sides of the forehead, lower cheek and Chin area.

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