There are some things that do not leave the backpack for nothing of this world! The flashlight is one of them, even if you intend to leave at six in the morning and come back at noon…

Why? It’s very simple: we never know what nature has reserved for us, although we can predict a lot and, more importantly, carefully plan everything we want to do, know and enjoy.Planning is one thing, reality is different, and within this planning, extreme care with your safety and well-being should come first. Anoraque, water, snacks and lanterns do not leave the backpack for almost anything in the world… Well, in the case of the lantern, she should not leave the car, or that strategic place inside the house (city or country).

A Trails and Rumos offers some options of lanterns that, sure, will fit your needs. But before that, check out the following tips offered by bestcraftblog so you do not have unpleasant surprises at times when you do not really need them!


  1. Always have spare batteries and check the battery charge being used.
  2. Do not store flashlights with batteries.
  3. Always check the condition of the reserve lamp.
  4. Protect your flashlight from moisture, especially if it is only water resistant.
  5. If it is waterproof and wet, dry it and wipe it before storing.
  6. Used batteries can and should be recycled-otherwise, they will see toxic waste, extremely harmful to the environment.Recycling is simple and practical (separate a container at home for them and, when filling it, dispose of it in appropriate recycling bins).Encourage people who live with you to do the same…

Types of Flashlights and Lamps:

  1. Headlamp (headlamp or headlamp) – is best suited for the outdoor sportsman, making his hands free, making it easy to set up the tent, make food, climb and / or abseil, walk in Tracks etc.
  2. Hand lantern-this everyone knows… They are the most traditional and if you want to use them in outdoor activities, try to keep them around with a security tape.Usually an efficient backup for the head torches.
  3. Water-resistant flashlights-virtually all of them are rugged because they are intended for outdoor use.
  4. Waterproof torches-some are.Do not stop being a tranquility in a strong summer rain…
  5. Sealed flashlights-are those made for confined spaces with accumulation of gas, and risk exploding when using a conventional flashlight.
  6. Types of lamps-standard, halogen, xenon (gas), krypton and led.Know the use that will give your equipment and choose the one that best suits your needs, remembering that some light up much better but also spend much more batteries and batteries than normal…


  1. Headlight:a.Ref. 0210-With only 3 AAA batteries (not included), it works up to 240 hours! It is waterproof and features adjustable focus and angle. If you use only one led, it will work 240 hs, with three led’s, drops to 80 hs and can be used incandescent bulb (4 hs). B. Ref. 8720-This model works with 4 AA batteries (not included) and, in case of emergency, operates with only two batteries. The focus angle of light is adjustable. w. Ref. 9675-It is waterproof and also works with four small batteries (not included). The light beam is adjustable and has a sealing in the threads, besides the switch is resistant to rains and falls in the water.
  2. Hand Flashlight:a.Ref. 688-Elbow (Marines’ Standard) – This flashlight supports high impact and is rain resistant. Included is the reserve lamp and red and blue lenses for signaling. Requires two large batteries for up to six hours (not included) and can be attached to the backpack. It is manufactured in the United States. B. Ref. 6070-Medium elbow-It is a smaller version of the standard elbow and also comes with reserve lamp and signaling filters.Two medium alkaline batteries run for up to four hours (not included). It is made in Taiwan. w. Ref. 0239-Micro elbow-It is the smallest elbow version and fits in the pocket. Uses two AA batteries (not included) and comes with colored lenses, hanging and flashing. D. Ref. 8505-Flexible-The focus is easily adjustable in any direction by having the flexible cable. Works with two AA batteries (not included). and. Ref. 9202-Chemical Light-These rods work through a chemical reaction that provides up to 12 hours of light without electricity, without attracting insects or heating. They come with two units per carton and are ideal for diving and emergencies. F. Ref. 0220-Strobe-Ideal for signaling your position, blinking 60 times per second. It is waterproof, has 3 colored lenses, magnet on the bottom and handle and works with 4 AAA batteries (not included) for up to 10 hours.