Lampshade: 40 Models to Brighten Your Home with Elegance

The lamp is a decorative item that is extremely functional in a residence.In the market there are a multitude of models, colors and different materials of lamp, so it is essential to choose one suitable for your need.For this, we separate some primordial tips when choosing the perfect lampshade for your home.

  1. The lamp is an extremely functional and beautiful decorative item.Project by Eliane Mesquita

1.Enjoy the style of the environment

Analyzing the style of your decor is very important when acquiring a lamp.It is necessary to measure the space, the layout and the style of the furniture and the environment like everything.This object can be a central part of an ambient light.For example, if your home has a more rustic style, invest in a wood, ceramic, or aged gold lamp.

  1. Creative lamp with base of different cups.Project by Sabrina Balbi Soares

If your environment is very modern, you can choose from metal, acrylic or copper options and invest in different colors.For environments with a more natural style, models of ivory, bamboo and wood lamps are great options.The choice of dome prints should also balance with the rest of the decor.

  1. Floor lamp is a very beautiful luminaire for living room via Design by Projética Design and Architecture

2. Each environment is a type of lamp

The function of the lamp in the living room is different from the one in the room.You can put lampshades on side tables in the living room, on a desk in your home office, near the headboard in your bedroom, among many other environments.Therefore, it is important to choose one for each function.

  1. Large and elegant lamp in the living room.Project by Quitete & Faria

In the bedroom, use a smaller lamp, proportional to your bedside table.Give preference to light and light colors, as it will make it easier to read at night.For the home office, choose a more sober lamp and it is possible to adjust the light focus, depending on your type of work.

  1. A larger luminaire is ideal for environments that are proportional to it.Design by Roberto Migotto

The large and luxurious lampshades are perfect for the living room and the foyer.It is essential that the lamp matches the rest of the room decor.You can place the lamp on a side table or a sideboard.Another option is to choose a floor lamp, placing next to an armchair or sofa.For the TV room environment, you can purchase a dark dome lamp to create a cozy effect.

  1. You can put an imposing lamp next to the bar of your house.Design by Mauricio Karam

3. The size of the Table Lamp should be proportional to the space and function

Try to balance the size of your luminaire according to the size of the table that will support.For the room the lamps should be smaller, so as not to disturb the use of the bedside table.In the rooms, it should not disrupt the view of users, especially between parallel conversations.Therefore, it should stay more in the extremes of the environment.

  1. For rooms, the lampshade should be at the ends so as not to disturb the conversations.Project by Flávia Gerab Tayar

Now that you’ve seen our tips, check out some gorgeous templates we’ve chosen for you to choose from.

Choose the right lamp and add a special touch to your home!

  1. Creative shaped lampshade made the atmosphere more cheerful.Project by Rodrigo Maia
  2. The bedroom lamp should match the rest of the room style.Design by Mauricio Karam
  3. Creative lamps are perfect for a funky or childlike decoration.Project by Paulinho peres
  4. Table lamp in the support table gave the environment charm.Design by Tripex Architecture
  5. For a balanced composition, place one lamp on each side.Project by Oscar Mikail
  6. Decorative lamp with different textures ennoble the environment.Design by Studio Marcelo Brito
  7. Flashing aluminum lamp is super charming in decoration.Design by Renata Matos
  8. The lamp can be the highlight of a decoration.Design by Arthur Decor
  9. Floor lamp with a different design with horse shape.Design by Michele Luz
  10. Table lamp with graceful base brought much refinement to the detail of the living room.Project by Marília Veiga
  11. The sideboards in living rooms are great places to put an exquisite lamp.Project by Marília Veiga
  12. An elegant table, a vase with flowers and a majestic lamp can be the hallway’s hallmark.Project by Marília Veiga
  13. Bottle base with corks inside is a creative way of decorating an environment.Design by Braccini Lima Architecture
  14. Chromium-plated and tripod-shaped table lamp made the ambiance more elegant.Design by Deborah Basso
  15. You can put only one lamp in the double room.Design by Infinity Spaces
  16. Different lamp with base of Eiffel Tower is elegant and creative.Project by Ana Lucia Adriano
  17. You can put a lamp on the porch to light partially at night.Project by Marília Veiga
  18. Living room with a charming lamp that matches the color of the upholstered bench.Design by Sandra Sanches
  19. Table lamp with a distinctive design makes the environment more elegant
  20. Elegant table lamp left the room clena in a more exquisite environment
  21. Table lamp with transparent base and white dome is discreet and elegant

Elegant lamp shade gave a special charm to the room.Design by Mauricio Karam

  1. Yellow lampshade made the atmosphere more cheerful and relaxed.Project by Marina Carvalho
  2. One more lamp to the corner of the room helps in the composition of the environment.Project by Marília Veiga
  3. Glass-shaped lamp, modeled in an elegant way, has left the atmosphere exquisite.Project by Marília Veiga
  4. Yellow base lamp with white dome leaves the atmosphere cheerful without losing the sophistication
  5. On balconies and covered balconies you can make use of a lamp for the lighting of the place
  6. In more neutral environments using a colored table lamp may be the charm of the decoration.Project by Luiz Humberto de Albuquerque
  7. Metal-based lamp matched perfectly with the environment.Project Karla Amaral
  8. Silver-plated table lamp is a charm in the decoration of any room.Design by Juliana Lahoz
  9. Table lamp with wooden base and black dome.Project by Joel Caetano Paes
  10. Table lamp with glass base and dome with black and white chevron print.Project by Gabriela Marques
  11. Living room with design that looks like two domes.Design by Flavia Gerab Tayar
  12. Table lamp in white color is very elegant.Project Fernando Piva

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