Kinder Surprise: the Death of a Little Girl Reminds the Dangers of the Toy

A young girl died this weekend of the continuations of a suffocation caused by a Kinder toy that she had swallowed. A sad event that reminds parents to be very vigilant when it comes to entrust their children toys.

This weekend, at Saint-Elix-le-Château, in the Toulouse suburbs, a 3 year old girl choked with the toy inside a Kinder surprise.

A Young Girl Chokes on a Toy Kinder Surprise

The AFP reports that firefighters, alerted by the girl’s mother, were able to revive her. Unfortunately, the child did not survive and died from brain damage caused by suffocation. The gendarmes have informed AFP that the autopsy to determine the cause of death concluded the accident by obstruction of the Airways. However, the Italian company Ferrero, that makes chocolate Kinder surprise, has yet to take responsibility for this incident.

The Age Limit of Kinder Surprise Toys

Indeed, Ferrero has indicated in a statement that the company had learned “the sad news of the death”, but that not having at the moment, “no contact with the authorities or the family, Ferrero is not able to confirm or disprove the involvement of his Kinder brand”.

If the responsibility of the toy has already been confirmed by forensic doctors, the liability of the company must still be proved. As can be read on the site of Ferrero, he is indeed “on the aluminum foil covering each Kinder egg Surprise, on the leaflet inserted into the capsule with the surprise and, more generally, on all sales materials”, stated the following: “Attention! Toy are not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts could be swallowed or inhaled. Presence of a recommended adult”.

The Kinder surprise toys must indeed be built and are thus composed of several small parts to assemble. They are so easily unmanageable children. This sad event related to the Kinder Surprise reminds parents that we must be extremely vigilant when it comes to what they leave in the hands or the scope of their children. Remember to watch and follow age limits on toys!