Kim Kardashian Kollection Tops

Sexy Kim Kardashian, fresh wedding with rapper Kanye West, loves clothes members and high heels to show off her sensual forms.

Kim Kardashian, the celebrity has become famous for her reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and its B-side, always look to discuss and there are those who love it and who does not!

Fresh wedding with the singer rapper Kanye West took place just in Italy in Florence, the star now depopulated everywhere, from Instagram to Twitter is the queen of reality TV and the web.

Kim has certainly improved his style in recent years, and often likes to wear specially made clothes for her curves. Super petite and curvy, she has a special body and looks, dresses specially created to showcase its forms in the right places. Ama members and plunging necklines clothes always with high heels to raise her small stature.

Among all her look, 10 in particular are to be copied:

Look 1: total black on the red carpet in full tuxedo jacket and black pants combined with a shining black silk top. Very chic.

Look 2: black dress that wraps around his body with necklines in sight and front slits on the skirt. Elegant and sexy at the right point.

Look 3: she likes to dare and sporting a look entirely black leather pencil skirt and jacket.

Look 4: A black and white with wide black pants and white jacket and top with mini handbag Chanel black sandal

Look 5: always a black and white but with a sporty twist with a soft silk shirt and black pants, shoe with medium heel and shoulder bag.

Look 6: even when traveling, Kim wants to be always super stylish with skinny jeans, silk tank top and black leather jacket, without being never miss the heel, opaque goggles and latest trend bag.

Look 7: loves denim and chose him for a total look with a denim shirt and skinny jeans.

Look 8: on the red carpet always wears creations of haute couture as Lanvin with the dress she wore to this year’s Met Gala, silk with deep slits and held at the waist with a belt, but also Givenchy, thanks to the close friendship between Kanye West to Riccardo Tisci, who designed the fact by Kim wedding dress.

Look 9: Mrs. West also loves Balmain, worn as a second dress to the wedding but also uring the Parisian outlets such as mini dress with pearls.

Look 10: Always Balmain the black velvet gown and super tight with thick golden belt at the waist.

Copy her look with wraparound means daring and sexy dresses, skinny jeans, silk canottierine, blazers and pencil skirts, and always adhering strictly with high heels, here are the musts of Kim Kardashian!