Keep Your Thermos

See tips on how to choose the most appropriate model and how to keep them any longer!

Present at the tables of almost all families, the thermos consists of an external body and an inner container, the light bulb, usually made of glass. Its function is to keep the temperature of the liquid contained in the beverage container.

Today we have models of different capacities and features, which allow you to serve the various forms such as: partial opening adjustable Stoppers, hand pumps, fixed nozzles, among others.

At the time of choice, it is always important to look for a model that accompany your needs. Check the technical data of the product the amount of cups and see if this ability follows the routine of your House.

And even after choosing your ideal product, have little secrets that involve your correct use and conservation.

General Use

Before putting coffee or hot tea, blanch your thermos, pouring boiling water on the internal light bulb and then emptying the contents into the sink. This procedure will stabilize the internal temperature of the thermal carafe and the liquid will remain longer in heat preservation;

The same should be done in case of liquid ice cream, pouring cold water on the inside of the bottle before filling it with your cold drink. Important: do not put ice cubes, as this may break the ampule!

Use milk in thermos is not recommended because depending on the milk fat he should not stay too long away from the cooling. If you’re going to do that, avoid putting it right after the boil, as this may crack the interior light bulb (that part silver) as a function of thermal shock;

Keep it always full, as this assists in the process of thermal conservation;

Do not put carbonated, as leak or even breakup of the generates the inner part;

The your thermos must always be in an upright position according to Novowaterbottles.


To remove the waste prepare a solution of hot water with a tablespoon of baking soda to fill the whole bottle. Let rest for a few hours and then rinse to remove debris;

Dry with a soft cloth while leaving the open bottle until use. Do not use bleach, as it can dry out the gasket;

Do not use brushes for bottles (of the type used to wash baby bottles), as this may scratch and even break the glass ampoule;

Important: for washing flasks of pressure it is important to dismantle the central bellows periodically for cleaning. The disassembly instructions in the manual of your thermos.

Now how about a Cup of coffee?