Johnny Depp and Oscar Jaenada, in The Premiere of “Pirates of The Caribbean”: Has Become The Carnival?

The California Disney park It has been the site chosen to celebrate this weekend the release of the fourth installment of the saga of & #8216;Pirates of the Caribbean‘. And there, of course, you could see the male protagonist of the series: Johnny Depp, that seemed to have been dressed with the lights off. What is this two-tone jacket that seems several sizes larger? And those indescribable trousers? And the necklace? And shoes? Oh, shoes!

This goes far beyond the looks out of the ordinary to which we are accustomed. It could form part of the Georgie Dann dancers body, hairstyle included. And look that makes me sad, because hanger extra to be able to lay waste on any red carpet.

But there is not the thing, because if he gave the song, also stayed behind to which from now on will be our Spanish pirate: Oscar Jaenada. This insurance received a tip-off of the look that was going to take his colleague and challenged whether it to be worse still. Attention to those Snake shoes, that must have been thinking that they were well with Leopard belt. I’m sorry, but two animal prints is too much to go to Disney, home of Cruella de Vil.

I also like to carry t-shirt tucked inside pants, nor to take the sunglasses hanging from the neck. That that deforms them! And the foulard … blessed be the foulard. Sure I agree that was it was the shooting of shrimp, like rings that leads.

Anyway, what these guys have crossed more than that have their own style and they have managed to go as two true fantoches. Mickey should have taken letters in the subject and have left the event. Long live the Carnival!