Jewelery Care Products Use Properly

Jewelery – both gold and silver jewelry as well as alloy jewelry – can change with time, especially if it is not worn regularly. It is then said that the jewelry “runs”. There are various discolorations, which make rings, chains and coats less attractive, but are basically not harmful to the jewelery. The reason for these discolourations is oxidation, which is a chemical reaction, which proceeds naturally. How to explain how to oxidize, how to prevent the start-up and how to re-polish discolored jewelry with the right use of special care cloths.

Oxidation in jewelery

The oxidation is usually a reaction of metal with oxygen.Precious metals, on the other hand, do not react with oxygen, but oxidation is also possible with other substances – in the case of noble metals, for example, with sulfur.This substance is present in low concentrations in the air and leads to the discoloration of silver and gold.However, alloyed jewelry can also oxidize with oxygen.

How can you prevent the start-up?

To avoid jewelery, it is advisable to store it as dry as possible .Jewelry boxes and boxes can not be sufficient, however, depending on the humidity in the room.Velvet, into which the jewelery before the storage in the box are broken, can help to protect the jewelry from the oxidation.If you want to be safe, Rings and Co. can also be vacuumed, either in special boxes or with the help of a suitable device and special foil.This solution is not very nice, but effective in any case.

How to clean the jewelery?

The best way to clean the torn jewelery is to use special towels, which are also available in our shop.With these cloths the jewelry can be gently polished, if necessary with the use of some (!) Water.The cloth can be moistened easily, but other detergents, such as dishwashing detergents or soap, should be omitted since they can additionally attack the metal.