Jeans with Jewels on Them

The sequins, we want

Opt for a sequined denim pants allows us to glamour-IZE our look. The idea is to choose one was ‘ which is covered with sequins at 50% (roughly). Forward but not backward, legs but not the top, for example. We avoid as well as it stings the eyes! We need our friends to be forced to wear sunglasses in our presence…

To harmonize our silhouette and highlight our John jewel, we put on parts chic and sober. At the top, a blue cotton shirt that we enter our blue glitter jeans, and a camel peacoat. We juche on Sandals heels strips to accentuate the side so smart of our JOTD. However, we forget the jewelry. Our pants already does the job.

The jewelled, it will sport

Away from us the idea of falling into the bling-bling by earning the gems. They just come to beautify the denim, without attracting too much the look. To make a look precious but not flashy, we’re leaving on a Culottes in denim, trendy since last summer.

We set our sights on a model with small stones, here and there, that it wears with a sailor and a beige jacket with fringe. At our feet, heels with pointed ends. These will lengthen our somewhat bullied by the Culottes silhouette.

We’ll pick of the strass,

The rhinestones, makes sure to give a glow snapshot to our room in denim, whether raw, stoned or bleached. These false diam’s are perfect for turning a casual look a little boring in it-outfit.

The choice of patterns, for according to our tastes and our desires. We can be tempted by geometrical, animal or even floral forms. You can even opt for faces of stars! Impossible is nothing.
Side look, focus on basics since the rhinestones are responsible to bring the twist! Our combo preferred: black T-shirt + cropped pants + white sneakers.

We love beads,

To make our most exclusive denim jacket, we leave on the buttons how pearls of culture. The composition of our outfit must be thought based on these details.

For example, you can bet on a slim black, a blouse with cream lace and silver derbies. A man’s hat and a bag lady complement your outfit with elegance. Latest tips, we drop our jacket on our shoulders. It’s a lot more chic.

One thing is certain, the denim is definitely the new gold (blue) of the season.