Jeans Raw: Where to Buy Raw Denim Japanese Online

Personally talking, all right with you? Another week ending, and more a tip for those who like denim jeans! This time I’m going to list the best online stores to buy jeans raw japanese, known as the best raw denim in the world.

Jeans Raw Where to Buy Raw Denim Japanese Online

After the posts about what is raw denim (jeans raw and selvedge denim, the main characteristics of the raw denim I have received several messages through facebook and instagram , asking shops to buy.

Today, in response to requests from indications, I decided to put a list as well nice of online stores to buy raw denim. Recall that this is the denim raw, one that does not have wash. Bora know the shops to ensure your jeans selvedge raw?

In this list eestão online stores, focused on jeans. There are also flagship stores for each brand. These you can search based on this list with some of the brands that make jeans selvedge raw. Almost all north american and european has, but the japanese are a little complicated.

As in any online purchase, there is the risk of being taxed by customs, so please contact the customer service of each one to study the best option. If you are on holiday in another country, and resolve to ask to deliver at the hotel, search about the rules of the country and ask to the shop if she has some feedback from customers.

Another tip, is to study well the tables of measures and get all your questions answered. It may seem hard to buy pants online, but these sites are extremely detail-oriented in information. The only thing that you do not solve is how to feel the touch of the fabric.

The Best Stores To Buy Jeans (Raw Denim) Japanese

Before you begin, a reminder:

These are shops foreign. Any product you buy is taxed when you come to Brazil.

Let’s go!

Okayama Denim

Merv Sethi created the site OkayamaDenim to sell japanese brands of raw denim, straight from Japan. The site is there, but it is all geared for the international client.

The advantage of this model is the price, since he works with the values of the japanese market below the international market.

You can find pants and various products of the Samurai, Pure Blue Japan, Momotaro and Japan Blue with free shipping. Another nice detail for buyers and frequent are the “Indigo ” Points” that you can use as discount.

Some brands are suffering pressure from the international retailers. The Pure Blue Japan, forced Japan to level the price. Others, such as Strike Gold, came out completely from website in order to maintain the good relationship with the shops in the rest of the world. That is, enjoy… we do not know the day of tomorrow!


Another store in Japan that ships to the whole world with the retail price of japanese with a discount for your first purchase. Here you will find products of the Eternal, Kamikaze Attack, Full Count, Studio D’artisan, Oni, Burgus, The Strike Gold, The Flat Head, and more. Has some marks which you hardly find in online shops in the us and europe.

I don’t like both of the navigation of the site, but the service is very good and attentive. Another distinguishing feature is the option of buying the jeans raw (gross) or washed once (one wash). This first wash is basically let the jeans soak to take some of the gum and hardness initial.

Another cool tip is to browse by the blog of the store. They have a few materials as well cool, as this guide raw denim for beginners, myths in the world of jeans, how to buy the right size of jeans, not sanforizado,

Self Edge

This is one of the online stores that I’m always interacting. Whether visiting the site, or in forums, I always give a jump on Selfedge. If you travel to close to one of the physical stores in the U.S., they are obligatory visits. You can find jeans Roy, Iron Heart, Flat Head, Imperial, Mister Freedom, 3Sixteen, Dry Bones, and much more.

Kiya Babzani, the owner, said in an interview that their stores are powered by nostalgia for the culture of motorcycling, and cars in the 50’s. The jeans from Self Edge are strong in the reproduction of details and cuts, vintage. The trousers and the brands that it works has the robustness and revolve around the history of they hit the road. Including all the above 21 ounces, have their own category on the website of the Self Edge.

Site Self Edge

Blue in Green Soho

One of the pioneers and the leading global providers of jeans japanese outside of Japan. The store works with brands such as Sugar Cane & Co., Momotaro, Skull Jeans, Warehouse, Samurai, Evisu, Denime, Pure Blue Japan, Oni, Studio D’artisan, and The Real McCoys. In addition to these denim brands in the most traditional you will also find some of the products of marks with a different proposal, as the Kapital and Monitaly. You will also find shirts, shoes and jackets to complete the look, including brands like Full Count, and Brown’s Beach (extremely rare outside of Japan).

Blue Owl

A newcomer with site relatively when compared with shops such as Blue in Green and Self Edge. The Blue Owl quickly became the best store of denim for those who enjoy the history of the fabric raw, but don’t mind mixing details more modern.

In addition to products jeans from Momotaro, Japan Blue, Big John, and Rogue Territory, the store also has affordable brands such as Naked & Famous, and Unbranded. Mix to mix brands with a footprint casual, such as Our Legacy, and Wings + Horn, and other nostalgic as Omnigod and Arpenteur. To end, a detail unique are the collaborations frequent with the Momotaro and Japan Blue, which feature modern cuts and jeans innovative.

Site Blue Owl

Rivet and Hide

Have a Brazilian behind this, you know? The store started with just the online operation and a showroom with an appointment time, but today it also has a physical address in London.In addition to japanese brands and american you can also find some european as Indigofera. In my opinion is a great example of how the same product can be presented in different ways, depending on the look of the person. The aesthetic of the shop is more clean, less overly vintage, and the clothes, even retro, you are left with a visual of a little scandinavian.

Site Rivet and Hide

To conclude, as I know that buying jeans online out of the country is complicated, you can try on the online store of the blog! I’ll watch whenever I travel, looking for pants of the best brands, made with selvedge denim japanese. The detachment of someone is the treasure of another, then gives there!