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The jeans are always high and never goes out of style. But the models vary according to the season fashion jeans for 2010 comes clearer and detonated with greater lightness, though not new, it means a return to past of the universe of jeans and detonated. Because several seasons the jeans came more serious like a well-behaved.

This summer, the jeans will rescue your essence, back to be striking and occupying the central part of looks. Even for those who don’t make the rebellious genre, but rather fashion.

Pieces in Pale tones, ranging from blue jeans to white. Here, brands such as Ellus, 2nd Floor, TNG, Colcci, Cavalera, Triton and Colcci bet on tom. The idea is to face the jeans of course as a white jeans and basics. Another tip is to make the contrast of the jeans of course with a full complement of black color.
In addition, the jeans for 2010 is wider, in modeling called boyfriend, like I stole the pants boyfriend. With the bar always folded, used with a high-heeled sandals and heavy the effect is barbaric.

But that doesn’t mean the skinny pants, go away or disappear entirely she remains strong and is part of most collections. The exact style in jeans won, including a new reinforcement, with release of jeans with Lycra, both directions of the weft (horizontal and vertical), leaving his pants like a legging.

Jeans also loses the status of neutral clothing and can be combined with other pieces in the material. The trick is to mix washes.