Jeans At the Office

There are workplaces with dress codes more tight than others, and therefore in some of the same, the use of ganga is completely forbidden.

In others however, whether it is only the sixth (in the famous casual friday), or on any other day of the week, the ganga is allowed. It is precisely in these cases that these tips can be helpful.

Take a look at them and give the jeans in his closet.

  1. The most versatile jeans and those that tend to favor all body types are, without a doubt, the dark and straight cut jeans.
  2. avoid, so jeans too, with the foulest tears, effects on denim, color or level of applications (embroidery or patches, for example). The foulest jeans tend to give more volume to the legs, eventually be dangerous for those with some extra volume. On the other hand, all these details, despite being on sets, are not so formal.
  3. In terms of time to strap, opt, whenever possible, the jeans -waist rise. Tend to value virtually all body types, patting his belly and disguising any volume that can be more.
  4. if you have many jeans blue jeans lighter, does not necessarily have to put them aside. You can use them in looks more formal, since the other choice pieces of the look. So, should opt for high heels and tops the most chic, like shirts in silk, or more formal, like the blazers.

To inspire you, I leave you with some suggestions of looksin the denim jeans lighter are highlighted. Now take a look at…