Jeans Angel Devil Touch

Here’s a pair of jeans that can also communicate, thanks to a special USB key that allows you to exchange information and create a community.

We are in the era of ‘ ever connected ‘, always connected, after the portability of notebooks to have a tool that will allow you to connect to the internet everywhere, now you want to make sure they can exchange information using as instrument an article of clothing, and the choice fell on what is the international clothing and used by all for excellence , the jeans.

This innovative idea is the Italian brand Abdu that with a tool inserted near the belt allows through the swipe connection establishment, the possibility to Exchange data.

Abdu Touch is the name of the line of jeans that integrates a special USB equipped with a receiver/transmitter that contains a real electronic business card of the wearer. This is done by registering on the website MATERNITYETCHIC.COM join and you can upload from your PC to this ‘ key ‘ called Poken (reminds me of the Pokemon), your personal information, such as address, phone number and email.

In the era of Social networks, inside the Flash drive can also be registered the account data of Facebook, MSN Live Messenger, Twitter, Skype to cite the most known and used and many others. This Poken is put inside a small pocket of these jeans, near the right hip belt and if you find someone with the same jeans, you can exchange this information with just a ‘ touch ‘, that is approaching the two drives that automatically will be exchanging data thanks to a technology which uses radio waves (RFID, radio frequency identification). You can then download all of this data, after being collected by downloading them to your computer by inserting the key into a USB port.

Models jeans Angel Devil Touch

But let’s at least a look at the appearance of jeans and not its technological feature, available models are for the woman ‘ skinny ‘ and ‘ boyfriend ‘ in the colors white, medium dark, dark and are aderentissimi with the logo of a wire that ends in an arrow on back pocket coming out even on the leg.

The model boyfriend (a more masculine cut) is for those who love vintage, for the two colors medium dark and medium light faded and is also black gabardine.

Instead, the models are always two men, ‘ carrot ‘ and ‘ slim fit ‘ in the Middle colors light, medium and dark stone washed. It might be an idea to socialize the purchase of these jeans, creating a community that at least in the tastes of the clothing is compatible, if you want to share with others your details simply do not turn ignition key on jeans.

Technological innovation or just want to socialize?

We don’t know, or rather, the Abdu Touch are only available from mid-September, we don’t know if it will work or not, if the desire to share will have reason or if you just love because Nice and the Poken will be superfluous. Surely it is a novel idea and it is all Italian, pugliese for accuracy.