It Combines Your Bikinis As You Want

Infinite options to go to the beach

This summer be forget to go to swim dressed as a clone. Now you have the opportunity to combine dozens of panties and top parts in the way that you see fit without having to be tied to the inseparable (and boring) life bikinis.

Therefore, in El Corte Inglés have devised ‘Separates’, which is a selection of swimwear in two quite combinable parts and to 9,99 euros. You choose the part above that you like and your favorite style, combine it with a bottom that you like in combination and voila, a single suit. Here you are our five favorites:
#PushUp: Perfect bikini to enhance the breast and let it securely and subject, without any fear of the waves. The photo is of Easy Wear and can find them here.
#TieDye: Stamping is cool this season. The panties with faded thousand colors, with hippies reminiscences, becomes a basic this summer. This is emphasis and the have here.
#Triángulos: A triangle bra is the perfect choice and a classic for those who does not want to risk too much to prepare his suitcase of beach. In turquoise blue and reversible, the image is of young Formula and the meet you.
#ConAros: Bra with rings for all the girl looking for a perfect fit. In addition, the floral print in pink background is super trend. Photo, 50’s-inspired, is young formula and Tässä.
#Bandeau: With stamped sailor and retro cut, this bra becomes a must for bathing in the pools more chic city and remember the sea, sometimes so far. This is Easy Wear and Tässä.