Is Blue LED Light Harmful

More and more editors of webzines and other blogs are part of their mistrust of the LED (“Light Emitting Diode”, in French “Led Electro-luminescent”), due to a certain blue light emitted by this last. What certainty do we have on this subject?

The criticisms made about the blue light (one of the components of white light, emitted by the Sun, ED) are due to its high energy concentration, and his power of ultraviolet rays.

What is known about the blue LED light:

Five files are available for consultation on the site of the AFSSET, in addition to a summary of the report. Here is an excerpt of the second report

It appears that some LED very commonly used in lighting, signage and tagging belong to risk group 2, while all other sources available for the public lighting are not groups of risk 0 or 1.

Going back, we find the definition of these levels of risk:

According to remzfamily, the standard defines 4 groups of risks:

  • group risk 0(risk free), the product is no photobiological risk;
  • group risk 1(low risk), the product does not present a risk linked to exposure limits in normal operating condition;
  • group risk 2(moderate risk), the product does not present a risk linked to the response of aversion to the sources to very bright light or due to thermal discomfort;
  • group risk 3(high risk), the product may present a risk even for a short or momentary exposure.

That should be used for these reports on the LED?

We learn these studies and reports that despite the accusations of some people, the LED is no more dangerous than any other technology. It is simply recommended to avoid setting less than a meter several hours during a point led in a direct way. What a great discovery? So, don’t worry your child kindergarten uses leds, your teen spots in front of his computer screen or your spouse in front of his TV Led fear nothing.

In summary, many people rushed to move the national agency of sanitary security (ANSES) had pulled the alarm on LED lamps, whereas in reality LED lamps intended for the general public are measured safe. And it is written black on white in this report.

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