Irina Shayk Has Designed the New Beach Bunny Bikini Collection

Hello Hello! Irina Shayk designed the new collection of Beach Bunny bikinis and surprised everyone again.

If you designed it yourself (I want to believe it) or if it was just a brilliant marketing move, I do not know. But what is certain is that Irina Shayk continues to add points as a model and this time as a designer.

A few days ago it was news to be among the top ten of the most beautiful natural breasts in the world and now again shakes the international press with the design of the new collection of Beach Bunny.

The brand I love. Have beautiful bikinis, indeed! Worth a peek ( here ). The prices are for Cristianos Ronaldos of life, or almost … but whoever can have always excellent choices available at any time of the year.

I leave you the video of the very sensual making of the Beach Bunny campaign, with the illustrious Irina Shayk and the respective photos signed by the brand.

What do you think? Would they?

To land on a line drawn by ourselves must have a very special taste. With 27 years, dating Cristiano Ronaldo or not, this professional will still go a long way, I suspect…