iPhone 5 Smart Cover

Since the release of the iPhone 5, we have tested a shell ultra light, transparent and cheap, tested the switch 5 Otterbox iPhone case, iPhone 5 Otterbox Defender case, a real shell for iPhone and the Reisetasche Tones, a two-tone protection fine and strong.

Today, for our 91st test accessory already, we will see more near a shell using the style of the smart case for iPad that we had you presented in this post but in an iPhone version!

Firstly, the rather complete packaging cardboard with a transparent part and the hull is itself protected by plastic.

At the opening, we appreciated the quality of surface finish with a very soft touch. We see that the iPhone will be well protected because the Holster covers the whole of it.

At the back, we see that the opening for the camera is shut off and allow you to take your photos without having to leave the iPhone.

A magnetic strip allows the case to stay closed.

The iPhone is inserted in a plastic shell that has beautiful openings to the knobs or plug in your headphones or your lightning cable.

The Interior is made of a very soft fabrics that will not scratch the screen even if do not count on him to clean it.

We immediately notice the 2 notches which allow you to stabilize the stand case for your iPhone in position landscape.

It will take place the tab under the front otherwise it goes back to the screen and it’s embarrassing.

The whole is stable and will allow you to quietly watch a video, a movie, etc.

In the 2nd position, the iPhone is still well anchored and I’ve never seen the iPhone slide.

Personally, it’s this 2nd position I have appreciated the most, not too vertical, not too bent.

Of course, this case adds a certain thickness to your iPhone 5 because, in use in one hand, the double thickness (front bent backwards part) makes the whole rather thick.

Now, the case will well protect your iPhone (including screen) and will allow you to place it comfortably in landscape position.

The quality of finish is good with a very good quality/price ratio.

If interested in this iPhone 5 case, it is available in several colors at a price of €14 99 on WhereverSmartphone.