Ipanema Gilsele Bündchen Ecological Sandals

Gisele Bundchen has just released the Ipanema Sandals ecological. The collection Star Ipanema to Grendene, already makes great success among consumers. The sandals in addition to beautiful and modern design has a very noble cause. All the profits from the sale of sandals will be destined to projects that support the environment.

The Star brings the sea to its Ipanema feet, from the depths to the beaches bathed by the Sun and salt, all this for your style and colors inspired by the bottom of the sea, its characteristics and plastic soles and a starfish in silver tone as primordial attachment , embody the motion of the ocean.

When you buy a pair of sandals Ipanema, you will be helping the Tamar project and protect five species of sea turtles of the Brazilian coast. The ecological work of Gisele goes even beyond, she also helps in the preservation of water project the headwaters project Ikatu Xingu Brazil and the Atlantic forest with the SOS Mata Atlántica.

Bündchen confesses that the your interest for the environment comes from when she was a child, who was born and raised close to nature in the city of Horizontina, Rio Grande do Sul.

“today the fashion is democratic and all, is the most important tool to carry messages of awareness. These sandals are democratic and all can use “says;Gisele