Ipad Mini Already in Autumn?

The mini iPad comes only when and with what features?

Ipad Mini Already in Autumn?
The new iPhone is on everyone’s lips, and every day fresh speculation and guessing emerge.Martin Hajek, the hellish stunner, gave the Apple fanbase an ecstasy with his pictures . All the world was amazed at the supposedly first pictures of the iPhone 5-all just fake! In addition to the new apple phone, an iPad mini is the hottest rumor in the world wide web. This is now getting new food through the report of the news agency Bloomberg.According to Ablogtophone, this shows that Apple would like to present the mini iPad probably later this year. Possible date is the October in the room. However, an idea of ​​the iPad mini would also be conceivable in conjunction with the launch of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 in autumn. Then, for the first time Tim Cook could say the famous words: “But, there is one more thing….” -The iPad mini?

IPad mini for bargain price

The tablet dwarf gets a 7.85 inch display and will be able to display a resolution of 1,024×768 pixels with 330 ppi. The advantage is that developers do not have to adapt the applications to a new model again, since there is just as much space on the screen as on thesecond generation iPad . It is unclear whether only an 8GB variant on the market comes or but also one with 16GB. The price is between 250 and 300 US dollar. A real bargain!

Competition does not sleep

It is quite possible that Apple would like to react with the iPad mini to the increasing competition in the tablet market. With the Kindle Fire 2 from Amazon and the Nexus 7 from Google , which will be launched with the fight price of 199 US dollars, the manufacturer from Cupertino has strong rivals. Also Samsung has with the Galaxy Tab a 7-inch device in the shops. In addition, the software giant Microsoft, who wants to penetrate the tablet market with all his might, and sends the completely developed in-house surface Surface into the ring.

Production of the iPad mini can start

According to the Wall Street Journal , Apple has made all the preparations for the release of the mini iPad. The suppliers have been instructed and are expected to begin mass production in September. Thus, a rollout of the iPad mini in October nothing against.

More information

The iPad mini comes-so much is certain. Gradually, more information about the mini tablet is now pushing to the surface. The Apple expert John Gruber ( Daring Fireball ) is of the opinion that the display could be technically similar to the iPhone 3GS. The reason: these are produced on a running meter. For the iPad mini would therefore have to be a bit larger.Another source (MyDrivers.com) reports that the manufacturer with the apple will block an IZGO display from Sharp. This is intended to significantly improve battery performance.