International Clothing Retailers

How many “best friends” have women? Do one thing: the hairdresser, the beautician, the friend with whom we share gossip and problems … Do not you think of more? In my friends list I have the names of my Personal Shopper of which I can not do less. And angels are not mere fashion.They are real strongholds of the whole fashion system: the clothing retailers. They must possess charisma, patience and good taste. They need to know trends, brands, innovations and create empathy with the customer. They have a real mission: to build loyalty with loyalty, professionalism, joy, using seductive skills, communicative and even “psychoanalysis”. For us women choose a chief is a real personal question: choose where to vent all our “shopping mania”.

Care for you bigodine I met Emanuele de Mucci and Enza Leonetti , owners of the fashion store concep t of Andria, in the heart of BT province of Puglia. Two examples of how they should be the managers of a fashion woman store: fashionistas, prepared, lovers of their work and convinced supporters of an emotional dialogue with the customer.Between a chat and the other with Emanuele, it is fun to create different outfits for the season Spring Summer 2013 and our Ennio Tullo has made ​​a magnificent photo shoot with the help of Erica, Terry and Ilaria.

How did the idea of ​​opening a store and to work in the field of women’s clothing?

The idea of opening a CONCEPT all-female born in 2006 from the desire to make a contribution to innovation in fashion in my city, by seeking new brands, original and innovative. Mainly thanks to thirty years of experience and the support of the good taste and extensive knowledge of international fashion of my companion Enza.

Tell us about the beginnings and the first successful choices

It all began in 1988 with the arrival of a new concept of dressing: we speak of the beginning of Liu-Jo, Diesel, New England, Orciani, Woolrich and many others. Concept was born in 2006 as well. By the desire to communicate and to make known the evolution of fashion in their own territory to bring out the woman in its purest essence. Concept has over time become a reference point for those who like to experiment, drawing inspiration from the most heterogeneous styles, trendy and above all at the beginning. The label Manila Grace was our springboard. The beginning was unknown, while today it is an established brand and still is integral to Concept identity.

What is your idea of ​​”fashion”?

Our “fashionimo” is linked to the idea that fashion and creative freedom should be associated with a quality product. We are always attentive to the news of the trend-system, the trends that come from the street fashion that is always evolving.

What is your target audience?

Our target audience is an authentic, elegant woman, sober, elegant and cheerful, which, while remaining true to their idea of ​​fashion, it is curious and likes to experiment with different styles. It ‘a woman, aged 18 to 40 years who wants to follow the latest trends, those of quality, at the best price.

According to you as he recorded the spread of the fashion blog on the purchasing choices of women?

I think fashion blogs impacting positively on the choices of outfits for women. It ‘a real choice to the aid of the animals for those who want to create a complete look, sophisticated and with a hint of personality. I do not think they are fashion bloggers calling the shots in fashion. They act as a support for both companies who want advice on certain moods. As for me, my reference point is the parades: For me, fashion parades and remains on the catwalk as a product of the idea of ​​the designer. Perhaps it is a concept rooted in the eighties, the birth of pret a porter, but I focus there the real fashion.

What advice would you give to a young person who wants to become a good buyer?

The Buyer is responsible for purchasing. It is in fact the one that is dedicated to buying fashion collections at showrooms or at manufacturing companies, and sell them in the store. Who engages in this activity must have the suitcase always ready, it must be dynamic and be able to “run” from fair to fair. In the real buyers they have to live two souls: the first oriented organization; the second, more creative, open to new trends that should orient in the choice of what has to meet the taste of the customers. Must carefully evaluate the relationship between price and quality of the goods selected and to know how to calculate the profit margin that allows a leader. It ‘very important to know how to manage your budget comes in a period quite extensive so you can distribute purchases throughout the season. Its competencies must be made known in the technical management, where the textile merchandise and materials, the design of fabrics, tailoring construction, design and fashion graphics; It must also have a basic understanding of the processes and production times, the commercial contract, the management of budget techniques. And, above all, the buyer must be a careful observer, that interprets the trends that are emerging.

And what would you say to those who want to open a store?

A good merchant of clothing it is required a deep understanding of the materials, fabrics and of market rules. It is called to see samples and select clothing, taking into account the customers and employees of the store target. It must have knowledge of some management principles of accounting and inventory. It must be ready to seize the innovations and the signals coming from the market; who possesses a certain artistic sensibility, a strong propensity to work as a team and excellent negotiation and programming skills.