Intelbras Residential Alarm: Essential Items for Complete Security

For those planning to set up a residential alarm system, Intelbras has a number of essential products to make up your project.

With Intelbras products it will be possible to mount a state-of-the-art alarm system, increasing the security of your assets and of all the people who are important to you.

In the following content, we have brought an analysis of the essential products to those who are looking for good products to compose their residential alarm. Check it.

1. Interphone Doorphone Intelbras Ipr 8000

The intercom is one of the essential appliances in any security system.

The Inteforne Intelbras IPR 8000 has two types of locks, in addition to allowing the conversation with who is calling.

This intercom relies on the IPR 8000 technology, where it is possible to add a magnetic sensor so that, whenever the door is open, a sound alarm is emitted following Securitypology, increasing the security of your residence.

In addition, the Intelbras IPR 8000 Interphone also has an anti-tamper system, which prevents the device from suffering possible vandalism.

Usage tips: External use, to identify who is calling and control the gate of your home automatically. It is easy to install and very simple to operate.

2. Morey Alarm Siren

Several types of sires and alarms are integrated into theCCTV project, with the aim of increasing the security of the patrimony.

The Morey Alarm Siren has an excellent cost-benefit, maximum power of 120 dB, which can be heard up to one meter away.

It is small and very discreet, very simple to be installed in your security system.

It is a great addition to your Intelbras home alarm system.

Usage Tips: The Morey Alarm Siren is meant to be integrated with your CCTV systempreferably within homes. It is simple to install, however it is recommended to have a certified professional so that the user can enjoy all the benefits of the product.

3. Remote Control For Intelbras Residential Alarm

Having a remote control to activate and deactivate the alarms of your security system will be essential to make your project safer.

The remote control for Alarm of the Intelbras has lithium battery, which guarantees long periods of operation.

It has a modern design with three independent channels.

It has anti-locking technology, so the remote control does not present any problem at the moment the user needs it most.

Usage tips: indicated to complement the security system. It is easy to be integrated with the alarms of your CCTV project , just follow the instructions in the manual that accompanies the remote control.

4. Intelbras Ivp 3000 Infrared Wired Sensor

The IVP 3000 CF is an Infrared sensor from Intelbras that will certainly add more safety to your project.

This is because it is able to identify people and objects through temperature, preventing the sensor from being activated by mistake.

It has 2 levels of sensitivity and microprocessor detection technology, which will ensure more technology and precision in your sensor.

Usage tips: is indicated for outdoor use, main yards, grounds and patios. It is easy to install and configure by following the instructions in the Intelbras Infrared Sensor manual.

5. Intelbras Wireless Opening Sensor

The XAS 4010 Smart is a sensor with state-of-the-art Intelbras brand.

It has intelligence technology to detect people and objects according to the environment.

In addition, it has a distinctive design, which allows it tomatch most of the doors, windows and gates of your residence.

It is very discreet and offers coverage in a large area, with a very uncomplicated installation.

An added security addition to your Intelbras home alarm system.

Usage tips: It is recommended to use indoors. Features long-life lithium-ion battery. It is easy and very simple to be installed in your security system.

6. Sealed 7a / 12v Battery

For your safety system to remain functioning in cases of power failure / problems in the electrical network, having a sealed battery is indispensable.

The Sealed 7A / 12V Battery  is designed to keep your alarm system running if there is any eventuality, providing more security for your assets.

The battery is what will keep your entire Intelbras home alarm running. Without it, nothing works.

Usage tips: It is indicated for those who use one or more alarms in the security system. It is very easy to install, just follow the instructions in the manual.

7. Electrical Fence Warning Plate

The electric fence warning board is essential to warn people that it offers resistance against intruders, being essential to keeping them away.

It is inexpensive and its use is quite practical as it creates the feeling that the patrimony is being monitored.

Usage tips: on electric fences of all kinds. The placement is simple, but never worth remembering: it should only be done when the fence is off.

8. Cable For Telecam Interphone And Alarm

Reserving cables is essential in any electronic security project.

The Telecam Intercom and Alarm Cable is coated with non-hydroscopic material and is ideal for use in outdoor environments with high humidity.

It is the cable needed to connect your sensors to your alarm center!

This cable is not necessarily part of the Intelbras residential alarm, it is Telecam, but it is the best in the sense of quality for alarm cables.

Usage tips: indicated for internal or external use, in installations of wires, electric fences, alarms and intercoms.