Information About the Operation By Cystotomy in Dogs

Info and process of the operation by cystotomy in dog!

As in humans, the urinary tract of the dog may suffer from kidney stones that require medical care. An operation named “cystotomy” is considered, and let’s not tell you more about the why, the how and the price of this veterinary intervention.


Why Do a Cystotomy in Dogs?

A change in PH urine, inadequate food, predispositions, disordered internal or a symptom of a more serious disease, the causes of the appearance of calculations in the dog urinary system are many. One thing is certain: as in humans, it is very painful and it must act before the situation worsens.

Some breeds are more affected as others by this type of problems, among them include the Yorkshire terrier, french bulldog, Dachshund, Labrador and his cousin Golden Retriever and the poodle.

If you notice that for some time, your dog has trouble urinating or to keep clean, if it produces more stool, more liquids, or especially, if you notice the presence of blood in the urines, a must go see the vet because your dog has without doubt silently, but very strong!

The operation by cystotomy in dogs

Initially, the veterinarian must conduct reviews to ensure that it is kidney and locate them to count, and measure them precisely. Abdominal ultrasound used to collect this information. Indeed, the calculations are likely to spread into the urinary system: kidneys, bladder, ureter, urethra. The bladder is the most frequently affected area.

Often, we also do blood tests and urinalysis to well understand the magnitude and the origin of the problem. Indeed, if we treat the calculations without acting on the cause of the problem, they may come back.

The operation itself takes place under general anaesthetic. Two techniques are possible, according to the clinics:

  • Cystotomy by incision at the level of the pubis. This is opening the bladder to remove the calculations and clean. A urinary catheter is put in the urethra to expel all the calculations that can be stuck there.
  • Cystotomy by laparoscopy: the incision is much smaller, a tiny camera is introduced into the bladder. The goal is to remove the calculations without needing to open the abdomen of the dog. Less intrusive and less painful, this technique is more expensive and demand more equipment in the clinic.

In all cases, in the days following the operation, your pooch needs care and affection, because it will be completely groggy! Pain relief, antibiotics, rest, full, and outputs only on a leash, the steps, and to the needs will be his daily for 15 days. Not racing, game, jumps, which may tear the scar or still fragile fabrics.

Price of the Operation By Cystotomy in Dogs

A cystotomy is a little more expensive because it is almost always accompanied by a battery of tests to understand the origins of the problem. Treatment may also be needed to keep the problem from coming back.

To pick up your puppy and avoid unnecessary suffering, the Protocol of consultation, care, general anesthesia, reviews and post-operative care should cost you between 500 and 1100 depending on what will be announced by the vet, its rates and material disposal.

If you have taken insurance for your dog, Please contact quickly to her to know the amount and repayment terms to which you are entitled.

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