Industrial Style Home Design

The industrial style was born in New York in the fifties, as a mark of recognition of the immense furnishing loft. Furniture, armchairs, beds, lamps and many other complements, are retrieved from the past, it is a modern twist.

They are also used to give a new charm to environments that once housed shops, workshops and other industrial activities, later becoming the real homes.

Design experts through the industrial style have tried to make the most of the architectural lines of each environment, be it a former industry, is a common urban dwelling. An attempt which was a great success, since this style continues to recruit many followers.

The result: a mobile with simple lines, highly functional and with a special charm, played on a metallic finish, the written inspired by the world of packaging, transport …, modern colors. Let’s see some models.

Refers explicitly to the furnishing of American loft, with a dedication impressed, the model in Solid Wood and Iron, Factory-132, of Massivmoebel24.

It is a low sideboard, with its 85 cm high, 145 cm long and 40 cm deep. A solid structure but at the same time rather light: it weighs just 40 kg.Made of solid wood in a neutral color, with iron fittings.

With two doors and three drawers, in silver gray wood. Each compositional element brings up an inscription that makes reference to the net industrial style: commodity codes, company name and then the word “loft”.

We are witnessing a fascinating belief and great value. Perfect to embellish entrances, kitchens, living rooms as well as bedrooms, furnished in a modern-metropolitan style.

It has the appearance of an industrial container the cupboard / drawers ts-ideen.

With his body in MDF wood dark, metal effect, it reaches a height of 67 cm to 34 cm wide and 34 cm deep.

The real attraction is made ​​up of 4 drawers, these wooden, painted with metallic effect, but super-colorful and characterized by commodity codes in the foreground, the typical industrial style.

The dominant colors are yellow, red, white and black, which gives this piece of furniture a strong, youthful and modern. We could talk about a real attraction decorative, adaptable to different styles, very precious in any environment.

A variant of this belief with 4 drawers, always ts-ideen is the Mobile / drawers Basso.

It is always a moving container model, lower than the previous one as it spans three levels and different also in the choice of colors in combination. Its dimensions: only 51 cm in height, to 34 cm wide and 34 cm deep.

The MDF frame is painted a teal color, faded, which in the likeness seems consumed, worn, vintage-style, and chests of drawers from the highest to the lowest, in the colors: white, pink and blue.

Less showy colors, compared to the previous model, more suited to an environment in which you prefer the neutral colors, but the same industrial charm created by codes, written and metallic appearance.

A chest of drawers / dresser modern, eye-catching and original, matched to any environment. Excellent quality / price ratio.