Image of The Week: More Than One Million Applications in Google Play

Last Wednesday, July 24 took place the event of Google that Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean), the new Nexus 7 and the Chromecast presented, but also Sundar Pichai also reviewed the current situation of Google Play.

In the event told us that Google Play is growing at a very good pace and increasingly gives more benefits to developers. They reminded us that has had exceeded 50,000 million downloads, that revenues per user has increased 2.5 times more in one year and we were informed that There are more than one million applications in Google Play.

That million of applications we devote our image of the week, ahead of the official store of Android that figure as symbolic, but which in turn also mean that it is the best store, since most importantly applications quality and not quantity, and that’s still Google Play has much that improve , and above all to generate more profits for developers.

Compare with its direct rival, Apple’s App Store report that the 50,000 million downloads got him a couple of weeks before Google Play and it seems that soon also it will exceed one million applications, although the App Store continues to offer more quality applications that Google Play, although already by Fortune is already very little difference , virtually all applications and important games are available for Android, although still missing.