Illuminated Garden

With the proper light, the gardens are transformed during the night and are even more beautiful than in full sunlight

Enjoy a night Garden is a rare pleasure. With the arrival of the warm days of summer, the temperature gets cooler at night and the illuminated Garden makes an irresistible invitation to the external area. At sunset, you can gather friends to talk, dine al fresco or simply get carried away by the contemplation of silence and perfumes which some species exude only at these times of the day, but for a garden to be enjoyed and used at night, some rules need to be followed in order to determine the safety and effectiveness of external areas In addition to valuing them aesthetically.

Over time, the lighting in the landscaping project was taking a very important and essential today. “The phrase ‘ architecture is the wise, correct and magnificent game of volumes prepared birth ‘, the master and always acclaimed Le Corbusier, clearly explains this critical role and inseparable from the lighting in any project, whether landscaping, architectural or interior,” recalls the landscaper Nadia Bentz.

According to her, the lighting gives life, enhances and focuses on what the landscaper more convenience for the project , setting and giving a sophisticated touch to environments. “The colors just exist and become visually noticeable due to the incidence of light on the volumes. Otherwise, all would be dark and gloomy, “Nadia.

An eye on the lamp
Other no less important details should be noted as, for example, know the types of lamps and its effects, because some plants are more sensitive than others.

Special care must be taken with the lamp voltage and the direction of the light beam. “In addition to this factor, it is important to get the combination of artificial light with natural lighting, to ensure the development and preservation of vegetation ,” says Nadia.

Garden sticks, recessed lighting, recessed module, wall sconces and posts are some of the possibilities. For each goal you must use a specific type; the Poles, for example, are very efficient in the lighting of parks and squares, with adjustable lighting skewers are also used to highlight some specific vegetation. “All of these types of lighting can be found and adapted for halogen and LED lamps, the choice is mainly related to your cost of deployment,” says Nadia Bentz.

Functionality and aesthetics together
Try to establish a harmony between the functional and esthetic issues is a relevant factor for those who are thinking about lighting the garden. “The light has an orientation function, leads the people so that they can move safely and, at the same time, contemplate the designed space through the sense of sight, which includes psychological aspects of relaxation and pleasure during the exploration of the garden” reveals Paul Carrión Teruel, owner of Vitali, a partner company of Lighting landscaper Gilberto Elkis.

“It should be noted the colors of the garden, and choose the lighting that enhances the colors you want,” says Paul. “As most of the plants have greenish tones, we usually opt for a light yellow and green tones, enhancement through the correct color temperature”, he adds. Incandescent lamps and LEDs in yellow tones and amber are also good choices, because Woods and decks also respond well to them.

The electrical part should be treated in the safest way possible. This requires important care connections and wiring organization so don’t get exposed. The voltage must also be suitable for the number of points used. Anyway, ideally a professional specialized in the area be consulted. When it comes to security you can never be too careful, and sometimes it is necessary to invest a little more in order to achieve a safe design.