Ideas about the Beatles Home Decor

The greatest rock band of all time has influenced not only the music, marketing, fashion and the arts – the range of Beatles arrives too, of course, the decor. Check out the main references of the Liverpool band and learn how easy it is to do it yourself decorating theme of Beatle mania. The fan would like to add his enthusiasm to the house decoration.

The Beatles, established by boys from Liverpool, England in 1960, is considered by many to be the greatest and most influential rock band that ever lived. The genius of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr is in evidence to this day – despite not being exactly one unanimous – there are people who compare in success and influence with the Rolling Stones. Regardless, the Beatles changed the way the world sees the music, and especially the intensity that society as a whole has its life and its behavior changed by music. The market found a new potential, and people also realized a new way to express themselves and new ideas with which dialogue. Aesthetics The Beatles is as varied as democratic. The flashy colors of the years 70 coexist side by side with the sobriety and contrast of black and white; vintage coloring pictures and album covers dictate alternative palettes of colors. Some are classic images such as album covers Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Abbey Road, representing heavily a trend of the time in question. Let’s see the main references of the Beatles themed decorating item, starting with the stickers.

The Beatles wall stickers

Generally, images of album covers in black and white are excellent ideas for wall stickers.

Panels and Frames of the Beatles

The panels and frames are versatile, ease of installation, and its cost is a little higher than the wall stickers, but is also relatively low. The Beatles is favored by classical pieces by senders; Album covers, pictures, famous and even posters and concert posters are excellent ideas for paintings and decorative panels.

Beatles pads

The pads are excellent for practicality to decorate comfortably and relaxed environments.


Snippets of Beatles songs are very meaningful, you can use to decorate with originality, exploring color and typography to convey the message that can be in the format that you want. What counts is your imagination! Paintings, embroidery, posters and stickers are ideal for quotes to inspire all Beatles fans:

The Beatles Blinds

One of the cheapest ways to do a customized decoration according to your personal tastes is to use Custom Blinds. You can find in several shops on the internet various models and only change your curtain to let the environment with your face. Beatles blinds are very fun, and if you want to get your hands dirty, you can customize your own curtain. See references:

Do you have any idea of custom decor in the Beatles theme? Tell us in the comments!

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