I Love Bags

…Aber unfortunately it takes so little one, when working from home. It’s a pity really.

After but my Orange handbag recently partout not to an orange upper part of me wanted to watch (if all persuasion not, eye cancer!), it was time to pick a new attack strongly. The material was already there and waiting for used to come. I had ordered it before some time in Fun fabric offer a suitable Guide “retro sports bag” as a freebie. I’m Yes likes lazy and use the thoughts that make others on a topic.

I sewed my Orange bag in their original size, but it is actually in retrospect, way too big. Therefore, I wanted this model in a smaller version. I have no more small children and carry in my handbags also not my life, but only the bare essentials. Only purse, key, handkerchiefs, cell phone, pen and there it stops again with me. So I reduced the cut of the front and rear on 22 × 30 cm for this bag and fit the other sections. Only the shoulder strap kept the size. This time mintfarbem faux leather with green the set piping and Red zipper.

On the contrary to funfabric’s pocket, my bag got an inner life, with two open pockets, a zipper pocket and pockets for two pins. I had half eternity once bought the feed with the balloons before one in substance and style and it is certainly no longer available, and also the flower on the shoulder strap.

The embroidery is a freebie from creations by Kara and came right to me, because I like geckos or it is a salamander? Anyway, I love this embroidery. And the large decorative rivets on the front still completes the whole. It comes from happiness felt, which have other this beautiful, large rivets in the program.

Because I had actually ordered the faux leather for the bigger bag version, was still something left for a matching wallet ‘ Wildspitz ‘that exist in color mix than Freebook.

My old wallet was already a Wildspitz and I’ve befriended me very. Also at my sewing students, it is popular and is sewn from time to time.
-Did you know that the spelling “Wallet” according to Duden is also ok? That is still very reluctant me! Am I old? -.

Also on the purse had the embroidery creations by Kara. I even brought the closure of the Dutch market and the filigree metal ornament and the corners are from Creatotaal. I bought them on Creativa in Dortmund, but you can also order them.