HydrogenOS, This Is The Next ROM The OnePlus One Officer… for China

It should recognize OnePlus has a fairly important updates right now mess. Officially there are three official ROM for its One: Cyanogen OS 12S, OxygenOS, and one for the Chinese market: HydrogenOS. We had heard of it but now at last we can know a little more about it and even try it, under your own responsibility.

A few days ago OnePlus released for a number of beta testers in China this ROM with the aim of having experiences of use and go polishing bugs that were emerging. Following this release, there are people who have taken advantage to record video and show it to the rest of the world and also offer us the possibility to install it.

Hydrogen begins in China, at the moment

As we can see in the video and images, there are many aspects that remain in Lollipop, but at the same time few others were modified for further simplify its appearance. There is enough Material design in the animations but in turn OnePlus puts his two cents by adding more applications and services that, for example, are not available in OxygenOS.

Some details are really curious: notifications are kept at the top while energy controls are to the bottom as in iOS. Multitasking is kept as is, and some of the apps that are shown in the video are rather more than the views on Cyanogen or Oxygen.

To be a version for China, There is no trace of Google Apps so facing the rest of the world it is a ROM that loses much appeal since the integration with Google services is the pillar for the majority of Android phones. It remains to be seen if then you can install manually because many times it is not as simple as installing Google Play Services manually.

While the single ROM is available for developers, there are those who have already leaked on the Internet. In fact, the story is somewhat curious because this version has been cracked to bypass the validation process that makes OnePlus with their testers. That Yes, It is still a little green and there are quite a few things that don’t work quite right, according to several users who are experimenting with it.

If you are not interested in ROM but the wallpapers, have them at your disposal at the following link.