Hybrid Shoes by Prada

Top fine leather shoe, bottom transparent shoe sole: The new levitate collection by Prada is a crossover catcher.

Sporty – this look is so popular that even the new shoe intersection of Prada is certainly many fans: levitate collection of the Italian fashion house combines classic men’s shoes like Budapest with a transparent sole of the sneaker in the “Nike Air Max”-look.

It happens not often, dropping the name “Prada” in Trend Watch blogs of Sneakerszene, but with his new collection of levitate just succeeded in the Italian fashion house: real “crossover potential” certifies about David Fischer from “out site” 2012 the Prada shoes from the autumn-winter collection. The cross of classic men’s shoe with the “bubble-soled” famous sneakers are an eye-catcher in any case and are likely to make for some discussions.

Leather Goods Tradition and Modernity of the Sneaker

The patented air-cushion system of the US sporting goods manufacturer Nike was introduced in 1987 and in 1993 created a completely new sneaker look that was groundbreaking in shoe fashion for years with a clear heel. The luxury leather goods, founded in 1913 in Milan and fashion companies want link now obviously the sneaker revolution with the own tradition and experience in the production of fine leather goods levitate collection – finally the Brothers Prada in the early years of the company focused on the production and sale of exclusive gloves, bags and suitcases for men. The chance that the shoe hybrid well received are not bad, after all, the company had success already with a “breach of style” worldwide: 1984, Miuccia Prada has created a high-priced black backpack made of nylon material that is sensationally well sold all over the world and became iconic of the 1980s.

Just the Right Shoe Trend or a Step Too Far?

After shoes with thick soles, which Prada already has experimented with in the past few seasons, were extremely well-received, the Italian brand has thought now the idea behind the levitate collection one step further: the six different shoe models that are available in Germany at a price of about 550 euros, all get a transparent out sole missed, that strongly recalls the legendary “Air Max” sole of Nike.

Whether laced Derby shoe brushed calfskin in brilliant white or penny loafers with practical Velcro in glossy black: Not only the Prada typical impeccable processing of leather shoes, but also the transparent out sole decorated in blue and red tones makes for an impressive appearance levitate boots. The Prada logo stamped in the bottom leaves a distinctive trail in snow and mud.