HTC to Launch Flagship Smartphone M9 along with Its First Smartwatch in March

The renowned manufacturer HTC has long said participation in the modern market of portable electronics. The Taiwanese company even identified segments as “critical” and hid the preparation of such proposals. There were also rumors already shown 3 similar product with a limited in terms of a narrow circle audience at the MWC (Mobile: the World Congress) earlier this year, but so far official announcement about a forthcoming premiere missing. It is expected that HTC’s entry into the niche to start with smart watch, but because the manufacturer has long been named as a partner of Google for “initiative Android Wear”, the name of the operating system May easy to guess. The product name does not very clear, but assumptions are mentioned as HTC One Wear and the HTC Watch, One.

Increasingly popular (and more accurate information) technological spy and informer evleaks present image in her Twitter account, which should see the true appearance of the first smart watch of HTC.

We see a rectangular (possibly square) shape, though so far always has commented that the HTC will follow Motorola, choosing a circular design to watch. There is also familiar brushed metal (steel or aluminum), which in May we have seen in the smartphone flagship HTC One. It is assumed that the smart watch will come in the same colors as the smartphone to be responsible as a design companion flagship. There are suggestions that will appear with the option of polycarbonate housing.

The interface resembles the image of corporate modification HTC Sense, but this is not possible because Google has long said it now will not allow modification of the vision of Android Wear by producers.

Evleaks himself explains that the image was created from the Phone Designer, but fully meet the actual appearance of the shell and watch chain. Used expired information from the manufacturer. The interface of the screen is made ​​extra “beauty” to not display a blank or black.

Other new details of the anticipated smart watch the HTC now gone. If the noise on the topic is correct, expected period of official announcement should be the period around the beginning of September.