Htc One M8: the Best Tips and Tricks

That HTC one M8 many features-but not everyone noticed at first glance. We will show you interesting features that you get more performance and comfort from your Android Smart phone.

Here at computerdo, with the one M8, HTC presents a successful remake of its predecessor awarded multiple prizes. The top cell phone attracts not only with its elegant aluminium body, also the inner values are impressive, because HTC’s sense 6 offers a range of features that Android has integrated by default.

These include among others features such as sorting in the app drawer and a revised Setup menu. The Smartphone also provides a quick access to camera, lets you customize the notification LED and allows the connection of USB flash drives.

HTC One M8 Tip: Customize Or Disable Blinkfeed

BlinkFeed is HTC’s news headquarters, which is prominently placed on the homescreen. To customize the Widget, you wipe from BlinkFeed to the right. On the left side of the screen, now opens a menu with all included news sources. Tap on the settings icon in the upper right corner to add more content or delete existing.

Would you remove BlinkFeed from the home screen, tap the home button once and the home screen menu via pinch-to-zoom gesture (merge two fingers on the display). Hold your finger for a few seconds on the BlinkFeed page and drag the window to the ‘Remove’ icon. But at some point you want to use BlinkFeed, navigate back to the home screen menu and tap on “BlinkFeed”.

Many of the more interesting features of the HTC one M8 we present in our Photo Gallery.

Root And Google Play Edition: Unlock The HTC One M8

The one M8 can be already rooting, so that you can manually upgrade other system functions. If you, however, use an unadulterated Android system on your one M8, simply replace the sense-6 firmware through the Google-play Edition.

Note: When Unlocking the Smartphone on the appropriate instructions. A wrong approach (“Lamprey”) can destroy the device. More information and tips about the topic, see our article”Android rooting: advantages and disadvantages”.