HTC Ocean Takes Shape

A smartphone that does not need any buttons on the case: The concept from HTC is similar. So the guys from Taiwan are still very diligent and work to get their customers excited again.However, the Ocean concept is seemingly more than just a fleeting concept. Apparently, HTC could soon launch a completely new series of smartphones and sell them worldwide.

The visual designer Danelle Vermeulen from HTC released the concept on the company’s website.But instead of just taking note of the new concept, customers, investors and interested parties seemed so enthusiastic that they could no longer restrain their excitement.

First, HTC took the concept video back from the Internet and now even the complete contribution from the HTC website has disappeared. Apparently more was revealed than originally planned. Our favorite Leaker Evan Blass predicted this effect and should be right.

HTC Ocean: Just A Concept?

But of course the Internet does not forget. And where rumors and even pictures emerge, the speculations continue to grow and manifest themselves in hand-held rumors. HTC is supposed to have already planned three devices, which are to be the pioneers of the new Ocean series to the start. The smartphones should run with SenseTouch, so no longer have actual keys on the frame, but respond to touches alone.

What Would Be The Consequence Of Sensetouch?

Basically, a smartphone can start very much if it has no keys. With regard to water protection alone, there are quite new possibilities, so that a smartphone from the Ocean series would be perfectly suitable as an outdoor unit.

However, the missing keys in everyday life could represent a small hurdle. If you do not have to press any keys, the smartphone reacts to touches. Whether this is also true for accidental and unwanted contact remains to be seen. Because nothing is more annoying than just typing a message and the device suddenly goes down. At this point, HTC will probably have to think of something to prevent such accidental input.

It is still questionable whether Ocean is actually aimed at a brand new smartphone series, or whether the said technology is only to be used in the HTC 11. In any case, the company has managed to get public attention. We are looking forward to receiving the latest news from this sector.