How to Wear: the Summer Bikinis and Swimsuits

Hello? Is anyone there or is everyone on the beach? haha With summer blazing and the heat it makes in Brazil, it’s impossible not to want to cool off in a pool or beach. And the experience of the trip is even better if we can wear comfortable clothes and feel beautiful, right?

We have chosen 5 models of beach clothes that are being used by bloggers and celebrities. From the hot pant that has appeared for some time to the cut out swimsuits or dug controversies of the moment via agooddir. It also has the halter top, which is a unique cropped front, shoulder to shoulder beach version and wavy pieces.

In fact, this is a How to use well obvious and no tips, just serves as inspiration for anyone who is seeking a beachwear ~ fashion ~ ! The way to use is just put what you like and play at the beach or pool and enjoy the summer.

The only caveat of all models is the tan.If you care a lot about the brand that the bikini or swimsuit will leave, none of the options will be the right choice – they are larger, jagged or jagged pieces that will appear on some clothes.But if you do not mind or want to match the brass later with an “ordinary” bikini, I hope the options will help in your choice!

1. Halter Top Bikini

2. Trimmed or tucked swimsuit/delta wing

3. Bikini hot pant

4. Bikini Shoulder/Shoulder

5. Bikini/swimsuit (scallop)