How to Wear: Red Dress for Christmas

We asked in the fanpage of Just Lia what you would like to see in the post of How to wear special Christmas looks. The reader Tatiana Graciele suggested red dresses, and we realized that we had never done a post about here! Red color is quite characteristic of Christmas and the dresses are our favorite pieces for special occasions.Why not join the two?
Red is a very striking color that can please Greeks and Trojans.Within its various nuances, there is some shade of red that will please you, whether drawn to the orange or more to the cherry.The color has different powers, stimulates the nervous system, blood circulation, gives energy to the body and raises self-esteem.How about giving her a chance?

For Christmas Eve, the red dress from can be combined with gold, black or even green accessories, after all, these are also other colors that remind us of the Christmas spirit. Be free to choose both the most delicate and the heaviest, according to your dress. If it is smooth, invest in earrings or necklaces that are more glitzy, with gold accents. The belts are also a good request to give place to the waist, and can be red (in a color the same or similar to the clothes), black or gold, thin or thick – it all depends only on your dress.

If you want to get away from the obvious of the heeled sandals, it pays to try out the composition with other footwear such as cowhide, cut out boots, oxford, espadrilles, slip on shoes or Keds for example.

1. Red strap dress

2. Red short sleeve dress

3. Long sleeve red dress

4. Mid-length red dress

5. Long-length red dress