How to Wear: Midi Dress

Although the midi length has taken a while to pick up here (we like a short skirt, right?), It increasingly asserts itself as a lasting trend and can be found in several pieces besides skirts such as pants and even overalls.

The midi dress from threergroup is that mid-term between short and long options – it’s a good idea for anyone who wants to wear cool clothes without worrying at all about pulling the dress down or holding on to not stepping on the bar.

It ended the lady face that the midi pieces had and now there are a multitude of styles of dresses like that, from alternatives to women to sexy and even fun. And because it’s more comfortable than the other lengths, it’s great to wear at work and day-to-day outing, and to look great in sleek looks for evenings and parties.

The sneakers or low shoe is a good accompaniment to the midi dress, even more so if it is just bodycon style, since it balances the sexy leaving more casual. Even so, heels, like sandals and scarves, are still favorites to complete the look, as they stretch the silhouette and leave the look super neat. The midi dress is versatile, comfortable and can compose several beautiful looks, what do you think?

1. Short sleeve midi dress

2. Midi dress with strap

3. Midi Shoulder-to-Shoulder Dress

4. Sleeveless midi dress

5. Long sleeve midi dress

6. Midi dress with jacket