How to Wear Boyfriend Shorts

Really seems that the fashion for wearing baggy clothes as if they were her boyfriend is pleasing the female audience, especially celebrities living being photographed with more loose shorts. It was from there that the news turned out to be a tendency among women, a new concept of fashion, clothing style “boyfriend”.

For you who likes to stay in tune with the latest news and news from the world of fashion, can use and abuse the short boyfriend, because besides being a larguinha piece that provides comfort women’s production, short boyfriend is a extremely stylish and modern. Generally, the short boyfriend is sold with a numbering greater than your usual, so are considered fairly comfortable parts.

Short boyfriend is known to be more loose and with turn-ups without getting fair legs, which gives a more charming. How does not mark the waist and legs, shorts boyfriend are democratic parts, i.e. all women can use and abuse of this template. The play becomes even more charming if they are combined with overlays made with shirts, jackets or lighter blazer overlapped with a tank top or t-shirt underneath.

The coolest boyfriend short is that it can be used in all stations, i.e. both in winter and summer, different from other models of shorts. In the summer you can compose productions are lighter and cooler shoes. During the winter, the short boyfriend can be used with a pantyhose to let your legs well warm. Supplement with jaquetinhas productions and blazers. Feet invest in ankle boots or boots of various sizes, always in the same color of tights.

How to use short boyfriend?

For younger girls who are devotees of a more stripped or rock’n ‘ roll, bet on a production with boyfriend shorts and Plaid shirts. To stop visual add extra charming accessories heavier chains and studs. To women who want to compose a more discreet and casual, the best option is to invest in camisetinhas and basic races or with differentiated and modern prints. On the feet, it is recommended to use shoes,anabelas Sandals, espadrilles, balls and tennis.

How are considered fairly democratic parts, the boyfriend shorts can be used in a production as night dinner or a ballad, without problems. However, in this case you must compose a more tidy, with flashy accessories and with very bright, more sophisticated shoes, like ankle boots, half leg, peep toe and sandals. To leave the production full of charm, invest in parts of tailoring, as blazer and jackets, overlaid with a lighter shirt to let the glamorous look.

It is worth mentioning that the short boyfriend must be combined always with pieces on top more fair not to create the impression of larger measures, after the short boyfriend already gives a volume in the low region of the body. The ideal is to invest in more just tops in the body, but does not necessarily need to be attached to the body, prefer the soltinhas sweaters, t-shirts, tank tops and shirts. The pieces need to be more delicate and feminine to contrast with the short boyfriend who has a more stripped and male.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of styles and models of short boyfriend of various brands, which means that you will be able to find a model that fits easily. After these tips just run to the nearest women’s clothing store and buy your boyfriend short to create beautiful and destroy productions in all seasons.

How to make short boyfriend

The good news for those who don’t want to spend money buying a boyfriend short is that you can make at home. The only thing you will need is a pair of jeans from your boyfriend. The idea of using a short boyfriend is good practice and so you can customize your boyfriend’s pants at home, just cut the desired length and take off with some sandpaper. After and just fold trouser bar and ready. Check out a tutorial for you to make at home a short boyfriend:

  1. To start your shorts in more modern, 62 you will only need one male pants, preferably with a couple of 2 numbers to more than the usual number you use.You will need a good sharp scissors and ready.
  2. Before starting to cut the length of the pants, taste it and scratch with a sewing chalk or a white pencil to mark the desired size.Another suggestion and go cutting and tasting until you reach the desired size of your short boyfriend.
  3. When you can find a nice size to cut short your boyfriend, bend the bar twice men’s pants or how many times you prefer.
  4. To let your short bar well marked, pull the iron over your bar short boyfriend.
  5. If you wish to make a short boyfriend with some tears, which by the way is super trendy, just use the blade of the scissors or an x-Acto knife to make small tears and frayed in short.Careful not to overdo it and keep appearance of sloppiness, because with the passage of time and with the washes tears tend to open more and more.

Inspirations of looks with short boyfriend:

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