How to Use: Tote Bag

The tote bag is a bag – often open, with no zippers on the clasp – with short parallel straps on both sides. Here in Brazil, sometimes we call it a purse bag. There are 17th century records of the term “tote” or “tate,” which means to carry, but was not used for purses until 1900. It was in 1940 that it came into being, with the launch of LL Bean’s Boat Bag, being a more practice to take enough thing.It was in 1960 that it officially became a basic item in the closet.According to handbagpicks, the bag usually transports very well between looks of work and leisure. After all, the tote bag appears in many different materials and styles, from canvas to leather and from the most ‘soft’ to the most structured. Fact is that the tote is the perfect bag for those who like to carry enough thing (be careful with the column, huh!), Since it has plenty of room. It has appeared mainly in very neutral colors:black and caramel and sometimes even in bicolour combinations:black + white, black + nude, black + caramel…

In the most relaxed looks, the caramel tote bag is the favorite.Combined with jeans, such as dress, shorts and skirts, gives super right for our summer.The white ones too, but the problem is they get dirty very easily.And the black ones are always welcome, right?The more structured models are ideal for day to day compositions for the job – you will not even need another bag, haha.

Where to buy:Escudero, Dafiti, Renner, Catwalk, Farfetch, Schutz and Anacapri.

1. Tote bag with dress

2. Tote bag with skirt

3. Tote bag with short

4. Tote bag with pants

5. Tote bag with jeans