How to Use the Concealer

Concealer camouflages dark circles and small skin imperfections, so it is essential to always have it in the cosmetic bag and purse. There are more than correctors variants: the stick indicated for those who have a youthful skin, the liquid suitable for the more mature skin and with some rughetta more, or the powder, even in the mineral version, suitable for the most oily skin and to cover dark circles not too obvious. But not only that, the checker also has many other uses that affect the make up, such as giving light to the face, make it lit a lipstick or eyeliner to correct the line. 

Here is how to use the concealer to your make up:

Which concealer color is more suitable for you

To understand what is the right shade of concealer anything, try different, for example, the shades fishing eliminate blue veins and skin bruising, red spots and those greenish, while yellow concealer is good for the colors of irregular skin.

How to cover pimples

To cover a pimple on your face, apply green corrector with a clean brush to conceal redness, avoiding the skin around; then with a cotton ball dab concealer a high opacity chosen according to the color of your complexion, at this point sfumali together and complete your make up.

If the pimple is on the chest or back, however, applies alternating layers of concealer and compact foundation powder, until it will be hidden entirely. Concealer hides the spot, while the compact foundation creates a film that prevents the trick easily remove.

Apply your foundation before concealer

If you use a foundation, apply it before the correction, so you’ll see better where are the shortcomings to be corrected! If applied before the foundation concealer, also risks of removing it.

Draw a triangle under the eye to cover dark circles

Create a triangle with the base at eye and the tip that ends on the cheek, with this system not only will hide dark circles, but also give the illusion of having a face brighter and refreshed.

Apply the concealer making small circles with your ring finger

Apply a peach or orange concealer under the eyes, making small circles with your ring finger and with the right pressure to blend the concealer well on delicate skin. The tone of orange and peach eliminate those blue glow, which sometimes can be glimpsed on the skin.

Use the concealer so as not to smudge the eye shadow

Using the concealer as an eye primer, you will create a base that will prevent the eye shadow slides too.

If you do not have the concealer, use the foundation

If you do not have the concealer, you can always use the foundation, the important thing is to wait for the drop of foundation dries and thickens a bit ‘before deploying it on your skin. If you do not wait long enough, the foundation will be too runny and not very effective coverage.

For your eyes, use a slightly lighter concealer of your skin

Sketches a V with the inner corner of your eye concealer and a line just below the eyebrows, so that your eyes will look brighter naturally.

Use the concealer mixed with other products to hide puffy eyes or illuminate different areas of the face

Mixes a bit ‘of face cream, an illuminating concealer and on the back of the hand and apply the mixture under the eyes, the temples and forehead to illuminate the area and hide the swelling.

After the application of the corrector, always dries the affected area

If when you apply the concealer, note that has accumulated under the eyes creating lines, grab a tissue, divide the sheets and passes one of them gently under the eyes to remove the excess product and make it uniform with the skin.

Fix the eyeliner line with concealer

If the eyeliner just made has some flaws, correct it with concealer using an angled brush, in this way you will avoid to start all over again.

fuller lips with concealer

With the concealer you can create the illusion of full lips, applying it to the center and sfumandolo with your fingers. Finish with a coat of clear gloss or nude color.

Make the most heated lipstick

Make your lipstick super turned on, outlining the contours with a lip liner and a concealer that prevents smudging.

Reshapes the eyebrows with concealer

With concealer, of a lighter color than that of your skin, you can reshape your eyebrows, drawing a line above and below, and blend it with your fingertip, to soften it and make it more malleable than with a brush.

With concealer you can achieve contouring

To highlight facial features, it fades two correctors, one darker than your skin for areas in shadow and the other lighter, to outline the areas that capture the natural light, preferably in the form of pencil, in this so it will be easier to make the contouring.

Highlights the shoulders and Make them sexier

You can create a kind of contouring above your chest, to highlight the shoulders. With a light color corrector draws the shoulder areas protrude outward, as the clavicle, then fill in the shadows with a darker shade. With a sponge buffers zones until softened colors do not mix together sfumandosi and eliminating any sharp lines.

He achieves a BB cream with concealer

You can achieve a BB cream moisturizer, stirring your day cream with a little ‘of concealer, by doing so idraterai skin and will apply a slightly colored product that will give a much more natural effect of a foundation.