How to Use: Hair Scarf

The scarf is one of the key accessories on a day when hair does not wake up there in such a good mood. The piece is super democratic and works for hair of all lengths and styles – besides giving a special touch on clothes.

You can find scarves of all sizes and prints, but the most popular are square in shape and are always the lightest – silk, cotton or satin. They are ideal to leave the most interesting looks and personality in cooler temperatures. Being versatile, the scarf does not just go on the more casual occasions – it’s also welcome at times when you need to be tidied up.Just choose the print and the mooring with affection, taking into consideration the mood/style of the event.

On Youtube, you will find several legal tutorials to tie your handkerchief. Like that of Ju Romano, that of Rayza Nicácio, that of Maraisa Fidelis and that of Andreza Goulart. In January of this year, we talked about How to Use:Turban and it’s worth going over there to learn more about it on (which is much more than a simple accessory) and to ask questions about the differences between scarf and turban.

Where to buy:You find beautiful models of scarf in Enjoei, OQVestir, Elo7, Scarf Me and Chico Rei.

1. Scarf in hair with dress

2. Scarf in hair with skirt

3. Scarf on hair with shorts

4. Scarf in hair with pants

5. Scarf in hair with jeans