How to Unlock a Samsonite Suitcase

Samsonite is a brand dedicated to the manufacture of travel bags and bags. Among its product lines are suitcases that contain a combination lock or padlock. These small locks provide a barrier to prevent theft. The locks that quickly lock and unlock the suitcase are ideal for travel. To unlock them you must use a combination or the padlock key. Continue reading this article from Our site and find out how to unlock a Samsonite bag.


1 Insert the key into the lock of your Samsonite bag. They use a small padlock between the racks of the main compartment. Insert and turn left to open the pop locks for access to the main compartment.

2 It is also possible to have a combination lock. Take the password and turn the dial to the left to dial the first number of the combination code.

3 Rotate the dial again to dial the next number in the combination code. Continue this way to complete the rest of the code. Open and access the main compartment.

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  • Samsonite suitcase uses THA combinations for the locks of your luggage. This gives you security when passing through the luggage controls.