How to Take Care of Your Decorative Stickers

The decorative stickers are great for decorations and elements that serve to different types of environments, combining beauty, practicality and creativity!

Decoration stickers can be used in modern environments, classic and stripped, everything will depend on your style. The decorative stickers can be found in several models and colors, and are easily applicable in the wall, stained glass Windows, wooden furniture, floor, metal etc.

Primary Care For Their Decorative:

-Give preference to smooth surfaces such as glass, wood, formica, metal and walls.
-In environments with a lot of moisture, such as bathroom and laundry room, opt for smaller stickers and a greater durability.
-Time to clean, use a lightly moistened cloth to remove dirt, and then use a dry cloth.
-For your adhesive last longer and look always new, opt for spaces where the Sun’s rays do not come very often, thus avoiding the wear and tear of the colors and the glue that holds the adhesive.

Now, if your desire is to remove the stickers, there’s no reason to despair. Heat the sticker or the vinyl with a hair dryer for at least 2 minutes and then remove it from the wall. Be careful only to not leave marks and sticky residue on the wall.