How to Take Care of Scarf

Indicator of femininity, elegance and good taste. But how to deal with the fact that even high quality and expensive stuff over time lose their original appeal and freshness. To return the scarf of his “greatness” and a snow-white colour, first and foremost, is to find out the cause and degree of soiling.

Light Natural Contaminants

Get rid of pollution resulting from the use of downy shawl will wash, that the most important thing in this case, follow a few rules.

  • Appropriate hand washing only.
  • The water temperature should not be higher than 30-35 ° c.
  • Do not use bleach and a conventional powder is better to get one that is designed for this type of stuff.
  • During wash product can not stretch or twist.
  • After washing the handkerchief necessary to rinse first in warm water and then refrigerate.

Places in Need Of Bleaching

Simplest way to whiten your wrap at home-it is the purchase of equipment which is specifically designed for this purpose. At the same time, the f

Sales already have detailed instructions for use.

Speaking of folk remedies, some of them less efficient:

  • per 100 grams of wool should be gidroperita 5 tablets that dissolve in warm water.In addition, water added to ammonia (1 teaspoon per liter of water). Scarf should be in water for at least 12 hours. The water should always be warm.
  • per 100 g of water in wool was 20 grams of hydrogen peroxide.Handkerchief soaked in water for at least 6 hours. In the end, be sure to rinse several times.
  • Ten litres of water diluted hydrogen sulfite-2 tbsp. l. water temperature should not exceed 45-50° CAnnars, the product will be hopelessly spoiled.Wrap is placed in the solution is not more than 40 minutes, and then rinsed thoroughly in hot and cold water.

Important Tips Before

the headscarf is dipped into the solution, it must carefully combed, and then beat yarn of nylon. If this is not available, the suit and the regular line, the length of which shall not be less than the circumference of the head scarf.

After washing a handkerchief in all cases can not be unscrewed. Hang it to dry on a wooden frame. If not, then simply placed on a towel.