How to Style a Turtleneck Sweater

The turtleneck is a classic head but worn in the right way can become one of the trend leaders of your outfits. Here then 10 style tips for wearing the turtleneck, a simple warm and comfortable head to show off on many occasions to challenge cooler temperatures without renouncing to be absent trendy.

1) He wears turtlenecks in contrasting oversized cut with skinny super tight pants and high heels, you’ll definitely super trendy. It can choose simple or thick wool turtleneck, or even with cable knit.

2) If you want to use it as an under jacket, opt for a fitting turtlenecks: in this way will make your linear silhouette and sober. A tip: the hair bands to help you refine your slender figure.

3) Play with volumes: for example, you can wear a long sweater with turtleneck with high collarcombined with a short skirt.

As for the latter, you can opt for either the pencil skirt, a must for winter 2015, both for the flounced skirt, but is also perfect the short pleated skirt: let free your imagination.

4) wear a turtleneck with narrow or wide tube skirts tight at high, you’ll be super glamorous life.

5) Another of style tips for wearing the turtleneck is to combine it with other shirts to wear underneath to make the look less formal and more lively.

6) You can wear a turtleneck with long necklaces and pendants to get a simple yet sophisticated look.

7) If you love the necklaces maxy no problem: tight turtlenecks choose or not extensive neck and opt for a simple look to highlight only the top dll’outfit.

8) Among the styling tips for wearing the turtleneck, one of the best combinations is definitely what you plan to wear this garment under pinafores dresses gives your outfit a bon ton allure all the rage this winter.

9) Wear a turtleneck short like crop top and tries to match it with high-waisted pants, you’ll definitely very trendy and fashionable.

10) Finally, the last of the 10 style tips for wearing the turtleneck provides the combination of a turtleneck with a nice wide neck with a simple pair of jeans: in this way you will be fashion without having to give up comfort.

These are some tips for wearing the turtleneck with style, in the gallery at you will find other tips to wear this mesh pattern and be super trendy and glamorous.