How to Sew a Bed Pillow

Bedroom – not less room for imagination than living. A beautiful and original cushions certainly become its decoration. The original can make even the most ordinary pillow.

The stores often sell pillows, stuffed with artificial fillers. But they are short-lived, rapidly fall down and sleep becomes uncomfortable. It is better to pack down until no one came up with nothing.

You will need the following items in order to make a custom pillow case:

Dense tissue – area 2 times more pillows
As much thinner fabric
Pooh pillow by volume
Graph paper sheet

1. Draw the on graph paper and cut out a rectangle shape and size corresponding to the presumed cushion. Fold the fabric in half so that one side coincides with a fold of fabric – then do not have to do an extra seam. Trace the pattern, adding 2 cm at the seams.
2. Baste and sew side seams. Tamp down pillow. Seal the top seam.
3. Sew the outer “shell” pillows. Cutting it in the same way as the case of the dense fabric. Sew side seams, put a pillow and a hidden seam seal the top cut.